How Do I Show ROI on a New Website?

ROI Web Design

How Do I Show ROI on a New Website? When businesses invest in a new website, they need to see a return on that investment (ROI). ROI measures the profitability of an investment. In the context of websites, it refers to the value that a business gains from the money spent on creating and maintaining … Read more

The Essential Checklist for a Website Refresh

The Essential Checklist for a Website Refresh Refreshing your website is a vital activity that ensures your online presence remains effective, engaging, and in line with the latest technological advancements and user expectations. A well-executed website refresh can improve site performance, enhance user experience, boost SEO rankings, and safeguard against security threats. This process thoroughly … Read more

UI/UX Strategies to Increase Website Conversions

mapping out a user journey

UI/UX Strategies to Increase Website Conversions Leveraging First Impressions and Building Trust on your website When a user lands on your website, a critical countdown begins, setting the stage for their initial impression. This brief yet pivotal moment can determine whether they decide to engage further or leave, never to return. The design choices you … Read more

Transforming your B2B website into a conversion powerhouse in 8 steps

Design ideas on a page

Our comprehensive guide for Marketers so you can increase your conversions. Let’s embark on a transformative journey together, where you take the reins and unlock your website’s full potential. We’re here to guide you, but the power to turn your website into a beacon that leads your business towards unparalleled growth is in your hands. … Read more

Navigating the Fields of UX, Graphic Design, and Web Design

Are you eager to dive into a career in UX, graphic design, or web design? Let’s delve into a thorough guide that unravels the career avenues in these dynamic domains, offering insights that might be your stepping stone to success. The surge of adept professionals in these areas is ever-growing, so there’s a whole world … Read more

An eCommerce Website Launch Checklist for Online Success

Ready to take the leap into the online marketplace? Setting up an eCommerce website is your gateway to the vast world of digital retailing. A well-tailored website paves the way for attracting and retaining customers and lays the groundwork for achieving business success. A successful eCommerce venture requires thorough preparation, intricate design, secure operations, and … Read more

Mobile First Design: What Is It & Why Is It Important?


With over 50% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s no surprise that businesses are beginning to put more emphasis on the mobile design of their websites. Users want to easily access information at their fingertips, that’s easy to digest, clear on the next steps and simple to convert.  This means that mobile designs … Read more

3 Reasons Why Most Web Designs Fail


If you invest in a website surely you would want it to perform at its absolute best? Oddly though there seems to be some unwritten rule that having a website, no matter how bad it looks, is better than nothing because “nobody really looks at it”. Obviously my view on this is going to be … Read more

Which Web Language Is Right For Your Business?


Forgive us: we might get a bit techy in this one. Imagine you’re in one of those scenes from Star Trek where Spock gets all logical. That’s us, right now – because web languages really do matter, even if they seem a bit esoteric to most of us. A web language is the code your … Read more

Do Websites Need Maintenance?


Building and launching a website is a huge achievement for any business. But it’s also the start of something – an ongoing relationship with a new digital asset, and one which requires constantly attention. Few things can survive unscathed without some TLC every now and then: we clear our cars, dust our houses, update our … Read more

What Makes A Bad Website Design?


Bad website design is confused web design – and we all know a muddled webpage when we see one. Our grandmothers might have told us that, if we’ve nothing nice to say, we should say nothing at all; but the truth is we can learn from the negative – it teaches us what to avoid. … Read more

How Much Should A Website Design Cost?


It can feel like the most important question of all when it comes to web design: how much will it cost? Price, of course, is critical to all business decisions. The truth, though, is that websites are not so much expenses as they are investments – and how much a website should cost very much … Read more

Graphic Design: What’s It All About?


Graphic design isn’t magic, but it can be mysterious. It’s easy to think it’s mostly about logos and Hollywood posters – but actually graphic design is all around us. Anything that has been designed visually to evoke a mood or a message has had some element of graphic design applied to it. In our digital … Read more

What Are User Metrics?


User experience matters. It’s why we focus so squarely on achieving great UX design at Squibble. We’re evangelists for the approach. But one of the questions we get asked a lot – understandably – is, “How can you measure UX?” The answer is through user metrics. It’s critical that businesses are able to measure user … Read more

Why Is User Experience So Important?


Business owners and marketing managers alike hear a lot about ‘user experience’ when it comes to websites and other digital assets. It sounds important, and that isn’t hype: ‘UX’, as it’s sometimes known, very much is crucial to making the most of digital communications. But what is user experience, and how can it be measured … Read more

3 Ways To Build More Trust In a Digital World


In today’s market-place, trust is everything. As a nation though, according to the Express, almost one in five people don’t trust anyone at all! Yet the key to selling is trust. We all know and love the old cliche “people buy from people” and that’s all well and good when you’re at a sales meeting … Read more

Does a new business need a website?


Is a website necessary for a business that is only just starting out? Before you begin to make sales and generate a large amount of business, is there any point in spending money on a website? Will anyone find your site? In this blog post, I hope to answer this question and explain why a … Read more

What is WooCommerce & Who Should Use It?


Key discussion points: Podcast Transcribe James Gurd [00:00:05] Hello and welcome to Episode 28 of the Replatform podcast. Thanks, as always for listening in. It’s myself, James. I’m joined, as always by co-host Paul Rogers. How’s it going tonight?  Paul Rogers [00:00:16] Yeah, good. Thank you. No bit tired, a little bit more tired than … Read more

Digitally Delivering our Discovery Session


A big part of what we do, at the beginning of any web or branding project, is project discovery. We hold face to face session with key stakeholders to understand how the business operates and how they interact with customers. We do this to make sure we understand how the website should work and where … Read more

How To Convert Users Into Customers Online


There’s a reason that the adjective “animated” is most often used in a positive sense: it suggests excitement and inspiration, energy and motion. To be animated is to attract attention, to have something extra or beyond the ordinary. It’s to stand out. Needless to say, businesses should be aiming to have all those qualities. You don’t need us to say that, in the online space, websites proliferate – and many fail to make their mark.

Site Speed Is Everything


There are so many design agencies out there that it can be difficult to know where to start. From smaller to larger, all-service to web specialists, design agencies come in many shapes and sizes. Given how important a website is to a business, choosing the right one is critical. But how should organisations choose?

How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform For Your Business


Once an optional extra, ecommerce is for many businesses now the default. As online shopping and purchasing becomes ever more widespread – and increasingly trusted by customers – companies are increasingly expected to offer direct access to the products and services via online payment gateways.

Overwhelmed By All The Design Agencies?


There are so many design agencies out there that it can be difficult to know where to start. From smaller to larger, all-service to web specialists, design agencies come in many shapes and sizes. Given how important a website is to a business, choosing the right one is critical. But how should organisations choose?

When Did You Last Ask Someone Impartial for Website Feedback?


Can you see the wood for the trees? Are you being a bit short-sighted? Perhaps you’re experiencing tunnel vision? These clichés all exist to describe the familiar scenario in which a person is too close to something to understand it fully. This is a risk in any project, and web design is no different: anyone … Read more

Security vs. convenience in the payment experience


What matters most to online shoppers? Accepting payments online has become a fact of life for many businesses. Visitors to many kinds of websites now often expect to be able to purchase goods and services direct from the web – and businesses must meet that need to retain their custom. Engaging with ecommerce makes demands … Read more

Why WordPress is great for SEO


According to W3techs, WordPress powers 60% of all the websites (with a known content management system) on the internet. A service doesn’t reach that kind of market share on usability and good advertising alone. WordPress works, and it works well. We’re going to focus on the SEO benefits that come with using WordPress, and why … Read more

Why UX Is Important for Your Website


News flash for those not in the know: UX is not the latest Star Wars droid (who can improve on BB-8 anyway?). In web design, UX – or user experience – is all about usability. It provides a focus on function, not just form. How easy is your site to use? How relevant is its content? … Read more

Why have a blog?


What does a blog add to your website? Is it really necessary or just an optional addition? In this post, I am going to put forward some strong points for the addition of a blog to every website. The figures Statistics show that a blog can really help your business to grow. Businesses with blogs … Read more

Advanced UI Animations

UI Animations make the web experience more interesting, interactive and entertaining and with the use of modern web technologies are being used more and more.  HTML5 has meant that animations can now be easily seen across all devices and can be scaled to any screen. 

Read more

The Repetition of UI Patterns

One of the side effects of responsive design has meant that a lot of sites look similar and we are seeing repetition of UI Patterns. Responsive design isn’t solely to blame however. The huge rise of WordPress sites and the booming WordPress the me market has also contributed to it.Having a similar look and layout … Read more

Why Social Media Buttons Don’t Work!


Most people creating a new website will ask me at some point where the social media buttons will go. But is sticking the same tired and gaudy social buttons on every page of our new website really the best way? Here’s why we don’t think so. Distraction When creating a website it’s considered best practice … Read more

How to Create a website that Maximizes Your Brand Identity


Amazing web design is not enough if you want your website to be successful. The key to a successful web design is that it needs to reflect your brand identity, through the colours, text, images, navigation and everything else you choose to use. Think that when someone goes on your website for the first time, you want them to … Read more

Essential Elements of an Effective Call-to-Action


Developing effective call to action campaigns is difficult, to get you on the right track we have gathered a few tips that is essential when aiming to developing an effective call-to-action campaign. Use Actionable Language Using verbs like `discover, unearth, find` instead of ones like `be smarter`. You should be empowering your readers to click on your … Read more

How to use a website to strengthen a brand


Some might argue that branding can be described as `the most valuable fixed asset of a corporation`, and this can be seen as true in the light of the highly competitive market today. Take Apple for example, their branding is so effective by how they have built their fortunes on their incredible valuable and attractive … Read more

Web Design Trends you can expect to see more of in 2015

he graphic design industry is continuously evolving, and as a result new trends are constantly influencing the industry, and staying on top of what is in and what is out is sometimes overwhelming. Fear not, we have had a closer look at the predicted hottest web design trends for 2015 and are excited to share … Read more

How to make pop-up boxes less irritating.

No one likes to click and a site and immediately be bombarded with pop-up boxes demanding their attention. But so many sites use these pop-ups to advertise their newsletters, offers and much more (even we do!) so they must work. In this article we are going to look into how to create a non annoying pop up … Read more

How has website design changed?

These days we expect every website we visit to be elegant, easy to use and informative. We are used to clever graphics and beautiful images and can be harsh when it But when the web began websites looked a little different. In this post I will look into how websites has changed and improved over … Read more

How to design a great E-Commerce site


Your E-commerce website is your virtual shop, it must greet people with a warm welcome, show them exactly what is on offer and be easy to navigate. It needs to convert online visitors into paying customers, especially if you are selling solely online. Here are our tips for designing a brilliant e-commerce site: Navigation It’s … Read more

The importance of strong foundations


Without strong foundations, a house can crack and collapse. Similarly, a website can begin to break apart without the right foundations. Here are the key foundations for a strong website: Domain name: Not necessarily your company name. When deciding upon your domain name, think about what people will type into Google to find your company … Read more

What is Good User Interface Design?


So just what is user interface design and why is it a golden path to website success? User interface design may be seen as a customer focused approach which lends itself to ensuring that all that is done on a website is done with the customer in mind.  This may include helping website visitors to … Read more

Website Design for Business

Website design has come leaps and bounds since it was first made commercially available, way back in the 1990’s.  Today the webpage holds a lot of weight, as the one single place where information is transformed into an easily accessible matrix of links.  In a business sense, the web page has become the central location … Read more

How do colours affect purchases?


How do colours affect purchases? Colour and Branding Colour increases brand recognition by 80%. Why is this important? If we recognise a brand we instantly connect with their values thus increasing consumer confidence and a quicker purchasing decision. BOOM! Do you still think colours have no impact? Intelligence, Light, Organisation Yellow is the colour most … Read more

Improve your website layout!

White Space Matters! White space refers to the area within a pages layout that is left empty. It is the space between graphics, margins or text and is also referred to as negative space. White space should not be considered merely ‘blank’ space — it is an important element of design which enables the objects in it … Read more

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