The way of Squibble.

We create new worlds for our clients. With a blend of brand design skills, tight processes, and a whole lot of personality.

Scribble, misunderstood.

Our name? Funny story, actually. It’s born from our love of sketching out design ideas. One mispronunciation later and Squibble was born. Exploring fresh ideas is at the heart of what we do. We live for the lightbulb moment.

Let’s write a story together

We love getting to know clients. Once we understand your goals, we create a brand that captures the essence of your business and connects with your audience. Best of all, it’s wrapped up in a story to carry with you as the business grows.

Driven by Design

We pride ourselves on being design-led. Smart design has the power to move people to action. That’s our aim. Once we know how your customers think and what they need, we can create designs that will make an impact.

See who you’ll be working with

The Squibble Team


Brand Strategist & Founder

Meet Kim. Marketing and strategy specialist and leader on big thinking ideas.

When she’s not immersed in the realms of tech or leading the Squibble Team, this visionary can be found preparing for her next marathon or sipping a glass of wine on a weekend.

Did you know that Kim is Chair of Birmingham Tech and an Advisory Board Member for Sustainability and Coding Bootcamps at the University of Birmingham.


Creative Digital Designer

Meet Zoe. Photoshop professional and master of logo designs.

When she is not drawing-up imaginative illustrations and photo-editing, you’ll find this ‘Poison Ivy’ surrounded by her house-full of plants or at a live gig with her friends.

Did you also know Zoe used to live in Canada.



Meet Amy. UX/UI extraordinaire and yes-we-can woman.

When she is not simplifying complex problems and creating “we didn’t think that was possible” websites, you’ll find Amy supporting the New England Patriots and enjoying a good wrestling match. So if you ever need help designing a website or want to learn a thing or two about body slams, Amy’s your go-to gal.

Just don’t mess with her during WrestleMania season, or you might get put in a headlock.



Meet Jake, a seasoned account manager with a wealth of experience alongside clients far and wide. His enthusiasm for problem-solving is almost as strong as his love for a perfectly poured pint of Guinness.

When he’s not steering our crucial accounts to success and orchestrating flawless deliveries, you’ll often find him strumming Oasis tunes on his guitar. And here’s a fun fact: Jake once graced the stage as the opening act at a quaint Somerset festival, safely evading any booes from the crowd!


WordPress Developer

Meet Louise. Provider of back-end solutions and fluent in the poetry of code (PHP, HTML, CSS).

When she is not creating custom plugins or crafting beautiful front-end experiences, you’ll find Louise running ultra-marathons.

Did you also know Louise has two different coloured eyes (heterochromia).


Full-Stack Developer

Meet Karl. Developer, code nerd and expert in the dark art of web design acronyms (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, NoSQL and JQuery).

As a keen snowboarder, when he’s not knee-deep in code, he’s happiest submerged in the snow!

Did you also know Karl is based in France.

If only we could bottle that Squibble spirit

Every member of the team brings something different.
Yet we all share some crucial values.


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