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Everything starts with Strategy

As a brand strategy agency, through our tried and tested Strategy Workshops, we solve functionality frustrations, performance pitfalls, and design dilemmas.

Strategies that Drive Website Success

Most marketers have one of three problems with their website: frustrating functionality, poor performance or depressing design. 

It may be a combination of all three, but it’s usually a small straw that breaks the camel’s back – ‘WHY can’t I update this without it falling over?’ or ‘WHY is this so SLOW!’.

Sometimes, however, there is something bigger afoot. Maybe you’re new to your role and are under pressure to demonstrate value, or maybe your organisation is having a company wide shakeup and you need to help reflect a launch or change of direction.

For a project that’s all encompassing you need a safe pair of hands, people who will ask you the right questions to understand exactly what you need. 

Enter Squibble…

Transparency is key in our strategy planning process. You will have a clear understanding of every stage of development, ensuring that your strategy is crafted with clarity and aligns precisely with your objectives and resources.

Squibble’s independent approach to strategy means that we can provide unbiased recommendations and use our expertise to find the right solution. This independence empowers us to think outside the box and tailor strategies that truly suit your unique needs and goals.

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Facilitated Conversations

Effective strategy sessions begin with facilitated conversations. These conversations are guided by skilled facilitators who ensure that every team member's voice is heard. They foster an atmosphere of open dialogue and constructive debates. These interactions serve as the foundation for informed decision-making.

Refinement through Iteration

Within these discussions, tactical tools like card sorts come into play. They provide a structured approach for teams to quickly iterate through ideas and concepts. This iterative process allows for the organisation of thoughts and the identification of patterns.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

A vital aspect of a successful strategy session is gaining a holistic understanding of the organisation's goals and challenges. This entails taking a step back to connect various aspects of the business, ensuring that strategies align with the overarching mission and objectives.

Spotting Opportunities

If your business provides various services, our strategy sessions involve a comprehensive evaluation of each offering. This in-depth analysis allows us to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities, ensuring that your service portfolio aligns seamlessly with your strategic direction.

Finding Your Superpower

Experience the freedom to think and innovate while we take the lead. Our strategy sessions provide expert guidance, allowing you the freedom to explore ideas, iterate, and strategise with confidence. Embrace strategic freedom with Squibble.

Freedom to Think​

By providing a creative thinking space and guided conversations, we ensure that your marketing strategy is well-defined, aligned, and primed for success.

Confidence in Your Audience​

Through facilitated conversation, we refine your target audience and align marketing efforts to reach the right audience with the right message.

Distinctly Defined Values​

With us, you'll not only stand out but also dominate your market. Say goodbye to stagnation and hello to sustainable growth.


Combining Creativity and Strategy for Better Business Results

Through more than 10 years of experience, we have created an immersive workshop series where creativity meets strategy. We’ll define clear project goals, chart your user’s journey, organise data, and envision your company’s success. This workshop is about solving challenges and realising a brighter future for your business. Join us on this path to strategic innovation.

Problem Definition

Setting a Clear Direction

We begin by defining your project’s goals and identifying core problems. This process sets clear, measurable criteria for success, providing our team with focused direction and establishing boundaries to keep the project on track.

Journey Mapping

Enhancing User Experience

We create a detailed journey map of your user’s experience, pinpointing moments of both frustration and satisfaction. This valuable insight guides us in enhancing the overall experience, transforming challenges into opportunities for delight.

Theme Sorting

Identifying Priorities Efficiently

To simplify complex data, we organise the information into distinct categories, allowing common themes to surface. This structured approach makes it easier to identify priorities and actionable insights.

Prototype Personas

Guiding Effective Testing Strategies

We develop “proto-personas” to anticipate who will use your service and why. These personas play a crucial role in guiding our testing strategies and transitioning from understanding problems to devising effective solutions.

Future Vision

Inspiring Aspirations and Messaging

Through a creative exercise, we envision the future success of your company and imagine the headlines it might generate. This process helps reveal the underlying aspirations driving your organization and assists in pinpointing the messaging we’ll aim for.

Value Proposition

Highlighting Your Unique Appeal

We crystallise the essence of what your service offers, defining its unique appeal. This statement not only clarifies why customers should choose you over competitors but also guides our strategy in highlighting your distinctive edge.


It All Begins with Strategy

With all of our projects there is always a strong emphasis on strategy. In the following five steps, we’ll guide you through our process, showcasing how we seamlessly integrate strategy sessions to ensure the success of your project.

strategy meeting


Strategy Workshops as the Foundation

Strategy workshops underpin everything we do. We begin by meticulously planning the strategy session and organising key stakeholders who will actively participate. This initial step ensures the session is well-structured and the right participants are engaged.


SWOT and Competitor Research

In this phase, we delve into SWOT analysis and competitor research. We comprehensively examine your internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats in the market. Additionally, we analyse competitors to gain insights into industry trends and best practices. This research forms the foundation for strategic discussions.


Interactive Workshop Delivery

With a well-designed agenda in place, we proceed to deliver the interactive strategy workshop. We facilitate brainstorming sessions, idea generation, and data organisation in real-time using tools such as Post-it notes or digital boards. This hands-on approach fosters active participation, effectively capturing and harnessing strategic insights.


Co-Creation of Wireframes or Initial Sketches

As the workshop progresses, we transition into a co-creation phase. Collaboratively, we develop wireframes or initial rough sketches for your web design or rebranding project. Using Post-it notes or digital boards, we visually represent concepts and ideas, allowing you to actively participate in the creative process. This hands-on approach ensures that the design and branding align closely with the strategic insights generated during the workshop.


Recommendations and Refinement

In the final step, we present our strategic recommendations based on the insights generated during the workshop. We collaborate with you to refine and enhance these recommendations to ensure they align perfectly with your goals and vision. Once refined, we seamlessly transition to the next stage of your project, equipped with a strategic roadmap for success.


Specialised Expertise for Every Sector

At Squibble, we don’t just create a new brand; we immerse ourselves in your industry. We know that every sector comes with its own set of unique challenges, and that’s where we shine. Our approach is all about understanding and making the most of those special nuances.

One of the main benefits of working with a web design agency is that one acquires the collective skill, experience and knowledge of a large pool of experts. For example, our team can also offer advice regarding social media marketing and other digital solutions.

Not only is this a fantastic, dynamic creative resource but it will also help to eliminate the risk of individual error.

Absolutely. Designing a website is a complex and time-consuming endeavour.

As such, the aid of a professional web developer nullifies many of the inherent risks of digital marketing and actively encourages business growth.

At Squibble, we view our clients as colleagues – not as a source of income.

As such, from first contact right through to the implementation and maintenance of your site, we’ll work with you to help you achieve your business goals.

The design of a new business website is vital because it actively influences search engine ranking, user behaviour and ultimately, profitability.

Branding in web design is about ensuring your digital shop front has the same look and feel as other brand assets and matches your overall personality. It’s important to ensure if you’re considering a re-brand that your overall digital website is considered as part of this process.

Although “Branding” is not technically web design here at Squibble we believe that any successful website project is informed by your brand’s narrative and ethos. Your website should always incorporate different elements of your brand.

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