Do Websites Need Maintenance?

Building and launching a website is a huge achievement for any business. But it’s also the start of something – an ongoing relationship with a new digital asset, and one which requires constantly attention. Few things can survive unscathed without some TLC every now and then: we clear our cars, …

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Why Is Packaging Design So Important?

Packaging is how a product presents itself. It’s therefore also how it will stand out in a crowded marketplace. Whether on the supermarket shelves, in a promotional video or an online product shot, the box is an important part of the product – and the better it is, the more …

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What Makes Good Packaging Design?

Good packaging design catches the eye – but also the imagination. Artwork, shape, material and size all make a big difference when it comes to packaging, and achieving harmony in your design between all of these elements – and your brand – is key to achieve an effective package. We’ve …

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How Much Should A Website Design Cost?

It can feel like the most important question of all when it comes to web design: how much will it cost? Price, of course, is critical to all business decisions. The truth, though, is that websites are not so much expenses as they are investments – and how much a …

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Why Graphic Design Is Important for Any Business

Graphic design is the art of appearances. Graphic designers craft how something looks so that it appeals to the target market, is appropriate to the function of an item, and projects the correct values and messages. Businesses need to achieve all of this in every single piece of communication they …

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What Are User Metrics?What Are User Metrics?

What Are User Metrics?

User experience matters. It’s why we focus so squarely on achieving great UX design at Squibble. We’re evangelists for the approach. But one of the questions we get asked a lot – understandably – is, “How can you measure UX?” The answer is through user metrics. It’s critical that businesses …

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Why Is User Experience So Important?Why Is User Experience So Important?

Why Is User Experience So Important?

Business owners and marketing managers alike hear a lot about ‘user experience’ when it comes to websites and other digital assets. It sounds important, and that isn’t hype: ‘UX’, as it’s sometimes known, very much is crucial to making the most of digital communications. But what is user experience, and …

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business growthbusiness growth

The 3 Most Powerful KPIs To Help Your Business Grow

From conversations I’ve had with local business owners recently most have told me that they have had to revaluate their business goals and sales targets. For some COVID-19 has wiped their pipeline out and for others they’ve seen growth in new areas that they hadn’t considered before. Most of this …

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Building TrustBuilding Trust

3 Ways To Build More Trust In a Digital World

In today’s market-place, trust is everything. As a nation though, according to the Express, almost one in five people don’t trust anyone at all! Yet the key to selling is trust. We all know and love the old cliche “people buy from people” and that’s all well and good when …

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new years resolutionsnew years resolutions

3 New Years Resolutions You Should Consider

Don’t groan, I know New Years resolutions are overrated but we’re moving even further into uncharted waters. I think it’s safe to say that 2021 will be another huge year of change for B2B and B2C e-commerce.  2020 saw some huge giants succumb to the pandemic and at the time …

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Are face to face meetings necessary?

Emails, phone calls, letters, social media… today there are so many ways of getting in touch with people that we can sometimes forget how important it is to meet face to face. It can sometimes be hard to meet all your clients and contacts in person in the business world, …

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How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform For Your Business 2_1How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform For Your Business 2_1

How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform For Your Business

Once an optional extra, ecommerce is for many businesses now the default. As online shopping and purchasing becomes ever more widespread – and increasingly trusted by customers – companies are increasingly expected to offer direct access to the products and services via online payment gateways.