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Experience Built From Understanding

Before we lay out a single pixel, we take a deep dive on what motivates your users – so we can build a user experience really works for everyone.

A positive experience, everywhere

Marketers know a website is one of several digital assets they can use to give the customer a seamless experience.

If your website is lagging behind your other digital assets, not only is it letting your customer expectations down, it’s eroding their trust – if they can’t see everything you do, or see your promises reflected from other platforms, you’re losing them at the final hurdle. 

Squibble focus first and foremost on the customer experience to give you a better user journey. We’ll help you map out their behaviour, the path they’re likely to take, so we can create a site which removes friction and brings everything together.

Function and performance that enhances, rather than hinders, your brand.

Our approach to UX design is independent, allowing us to offer unbiased recommendations and leverage our expertise to find the right solutions that perfectly align with your unique needs and goals.

Partnering with Squibble means having direct contact with the right experts throughout the process. This personalised approach ensures seamless execution and a more efficient journey from the initial concept to the final rollout of your new website.

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Collaborative Brainstorming

Effective UX design begins with collaborative brainstorming sessions. Skilled facilitators guide these discussions to ensure every team member's insights are considered. They foster an environment of open communication and constructive talks, laying the groundwork for well-informed design choices.

Iterative Prototyping

We employ iterative prototyping techniques during these sessions to refine ideas and concepts. Tools like wireframes and prototypes provide a structured approach for teams to explore and improve user experiences. This iterative process streamlines design decisions and helps identify user-centric patterns.

Holistic User Understanding

A key component of successful UX design is gaining a holistic understanding of user needs and business objectives. We step back to connect various aspects of the project, ensuring our designs align with the overarching mission and user expectations.

Uncovering Design Opportunities

If your project involves multiple user interactions or features, our UX design sessions include a comprehensive evaluation of each element. This in-depth analysis helps us identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for enhancement, ensuring that your digital experience aligns seamlessly with your strategic goals.

Reduce Customer Frustration

Squibble’s UX Design service elevates your digital presence with user-centered experiences that are visually appealing and highly functional. We combine creative insight and UX expertise to engage your audience, boost brand loyalty, and drive business growth.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Our UX design ensures your product is intuitive and enjoyable, leading to happier customers who are more likely to stay loyal and recommend your services.

Boost Your Conversions

By streamlining the user journey, we help you remove obstacles and improve usability, significantly increasing the likelihood of users engaging with your product and boosting conversion rates.

Stand Out in the Market

With our superior UX design, set your product apart from the competition, attracting more customers and securing a leading position in your industry.

User Experience Design

Core Fundamentals of UX Research

Transform your product with our UX essentials: Deep-dive Qualitative Research unveils user desires, Quantitative Data shapes data-driven decisions, User Personas target precise needs, and Heat Mapping uncovers real interaction patterns. Harness these tools for designs that resonate, engage, and convert, ensuring your product isn’t just seen—it’s remembered.

Qualitative Research

Understanding Users Deeply

This involves gathering non-numerical data to understand user behaviors, needs, and motivations. Methods include user interviews, usability tests, and observing users interact with a product. It helps in gaining deep insights into the user experience and emotional response.

Quantitative Research

Creating User-Friendly Designs

This aspect focuses on numerical data to quantify user behaviors, preferences, and experiences. Techniques such as surveys with large sample sizes, A/B testing, and analytics data fall under this category. It’s crucial for validating hypotheses about user behavior and making data-driven decisions.

User Personas

Perfecting the Product

These are fictional characters created based on user research to represent different types of users. Personas help in understanding and empathising with the target audience. They guide design decisions by keeping the focus on user needs and experiences, ensuring the product is tailored to its intended audience.

Heat Mapping

See What Users Love

Heat maps are visual representations of where users click, move, and scroll on a webpage. They provide insights into how users interact with a website or application. This tool is invaluable for identifying which areas attract the most attention and engagement, guiding improvements in layout and design for better user experience.

User experience design process

Convert and Dominate the Market

This is more than just design; it’s about creating experiences that resonate and deliver results. Embrace the journey to a better UX that not only captivates but converts, setting your brand apart in the digital landscape. Let’s make your product not just functional, but unforgettable.

Research and Understanding

Understanding Your Users

This step involves gathering insights about the users and their needs, preferences, and behaviors. Techniques include user interviews, surveys, and analysis of existing data. The goal is to develop a deep understanding of the target audience and the problem that the design needs to solve.

Design and Prototyping

Creating User-Friendly Designs

Based on the research, designers create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. This stage involves sketching out the basic structure of the user interface, experimenting with different designs, and building prototypes that can be tested with users.

Testing and Validation

Perfecting the Product

This step is crucial for refining the design. It involves user testing of the prototypes to gather feedback. This feedback is used to identify issues and areas for improvement. Iterative testing helps in fine-tuning the design to ensure it meets user needs effectively.

Implementation and Evaluation

Making It Real

After finalising the design, it’s implemented. However, the UX process doesn’t end here. Post-launch, it’s important to continually evaluate the UX by monitoring user feedback and performance metrics. This ongoing evaluation helps in making further improvements and ensuring the product stays relevant and user-friendly.


Specialised Expertise for Every Sector

At Squibble, we don’t just create a new product; we immerse ourselves in your industry. We know that every sector comes with its own set of unique challenges, and that’s where we shine. Our approach is all about understanding and making the most of those special nuances.

A UX design agency in Birmingham focuses on creating designs that significantly boost user engagement through intuitive interfaces and seamless user journeys, ensuring a satisfying and memorable experience.

Partnering with a UX design agency in Birmingham enhances your website with user-friendly layouts, intuitive navigation, and engaging content, leading to increased satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

A UX design agency in Birmingham crafts experiences that make websites not just functional but enjoyable, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Yes, effective UX design, provided by a specialized agency in Birmingham, streamlines the user journey, removing obstacles and improving usability, which significantly boosts conversion rates.

By creating unique, user-focused experiences, a UX design agency in Birmingham sets your brand apart, attracting more customers and securing a strong position in your industry.

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