Streamlining Sales

In our collaboration with Ervin, we tackled the challenge of simplifying their online purchasing process. Our solution, the 'Solutions Finder' tool, revolutionised the way customers select abrasive products, making the buying journey intuitive and efficient. Discover how our innovative approach led to an increase in sales and customer satisfaction for Ervin.

The Wishlist​

Each of our clients is unique, and so are their needs. Let's take a closer look at how we helped address specific project goals.

Design Longevity

Ervin sells products that aren't traditionally glamorous, posing challenges in presenting their range attractively.

Simplify Sales

Ervin's products offer significant savings to customers. The challenge was that customers often couldn't determine which product to choose. Our website design aimed to enable customers to self-certify, simplifying the sales proc

More Control

Having control over digital assets was crucial. The WordPress website needed to be user-friendly, facilitating quick updates and reducing the need for lengthy email exchanges.

Delivering Results

See how our personalised approach turned client dreams into real, successful outcomes.

Solutions Finder Tool

Ervin, a provider of abrasive products for cleaning large metal surfaces, faced challenges with customers being overwhelmed by product choices on their website. To tackle this and boost sales, we introduced a "Solutions Finder" tool. This innovative feature guides customers through a series of questions, identifying the most suitable product for their needs.

Simplified Purchasing Journey

After completing the questionnaire, customers receive an email with their results, which is also sent to the sales team. This streamlined approach not only simplifies the purchasing process but also empowers customers to make confident, informed decisions.

Increased Sales and Customer Satisfaction

This enhancement to Ervin's website has significantly improved user experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and an increase in sales.


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