Branding you feel part of. And proud of.

Let’s find new life in your brand identity. Our team can strengthen your proposition, unlock commercial potential, and make sure you look good doing it.

Rebranding you can be proud of

Re-branding can feel like a tricky landscape to navigate. Marketers are under constant pressure to be commercial AND creative. 

When it comes to the look and feel how do you know what to keep from the legacy you’ve inherited? 

How can you decide which elements still serve your brand and which are making you look like a different business entirely? How can you breathe life into stagnant design?

At Squibble, we establish a collaborative environment where ideas flow freely. We embrace the challenges, and together, we create innovative ideas which bring your vision to life. 

Let’s tell a story your customers want to hear…

With Squibble, you’re not restricted by revision limits, ensuring that the final rebrand perfectly aligns with your business goals, thanks to our team’s thorough understanding of your vision.

We value clear and honest communication. This approach ensures a deep understanding of your goals, leading to a creative and efficient design process. You’ll save time and have a website that truly reflects your vision.

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Marketing Manager - Gleeson Recruitment

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Sales Manager - ISD Solutions

Putting Your Customers First

Our mission is to craft identities that are not just visually appealing, but also tell a story – your story.

Voice and Vision

From visual identity to tone of voice, every part of your brand strategy is seamlessly integrated. Whether it's aligning with digital platforms, creating consistent marketing materials, or embedding your brand into customer experiences, our team ensures cohesive and fluent brand communication.

Strategists at Heart

In our branding realm, we immerse ourselves in market analysis, understanding your audience's desires and behaviours. This insight shapes a branding strategy that’s intuitive, engaging, and perfectly aligned with your business goals.In our branding realm, we immerse ourselves in market analysis, understanding your audience's desires and behaviours. This insight shapes a branding strategy that’s intuitive, engaging, and perfectly aligned with your business goals.

Designs with Impact

Visual storytelling is key. At Squibble, we use compelling graphics, thoughtful design, and engaging content to ensure your brand not only stands out but also captivates and retains audience attention.

Bespoke Branding Just for You

Every line, colour, and element we create is uniquely yours, infusing your brand’s unique personality into every aspect. Break away from generic branding norms and let your brand’s true colours shine with Squibble’s distinctive touch.

Rebranding to Make your Mark

Our approach to rebranding focuses on creating a brand experience that is not only visually striking but deeply resonates with your audience. Every aspect of your brand, from the logo to the messaging tone, is thoughtfully redesigned to ensure your brand’s story is compelling and cohesive. We ensure that your rebranding journey transforms your business into a standout brand with a clear, distinct voice in its industry.

Messaging Mastery​

Align your rebrand with current trends and audience needs for enduring relevance and resonance.

Brand Harmony

Achieve seamless consistency in all brand elements, ensuring a cohesive experience and, more vital trust.

Stand Out, Stay Unique​

A successful rebrand hinges on setting your brand apart with precise positioning and messaging.


Hear the Customer, Define Your Brand

Do we ever truly understand what our customers think of our brand and whether our messaging resonates? As marketers, this is a crucial question; the only way to genuinely find out is by asking them. However, we understand this process can be time-consuming, and you may hesitate to approach your customers. That’s why we’ve developed a streamlined framework for collecting this invaluable insight.


In-Depth Customer Research

We delve into your customers’ decision-making processes through insightful interviews to identify their knowledge, reservations, and concerns regarding your brand. We also uncover common trends and themes that shape their experiences.


Comprehensive Analysis

Our findings are compiled into a comprehensive report enriched with valuable “voice of customer” segments. This report is a powerful tool for refining your messaging and informing your marketing and web design strategies.


Client-Centric Flexibility

Acknowledging your clients’ busy schedules, we offer a flexible approach that doesn’t rely solely on interviews. This phase includes alternative methods to gather valuable insights, such as surveys and client interactions.


Actionable Recommendations

We dedicate time to thoughtful analysis and report preparation after the interviews. We then grant you direct access to insights that will steer your future marketing initiatives and team discussions. Our research service acts as your compass for crafting resonant messaging tailored to your target audience.


Creating a Distinct Brand Identity

Our rebranding process is a fusion of strategy, creativity, and brand alignment. It ensures that your brand emerges with a fresh identity that aligns with your objectives and resonates deeply with your audience.

Brand Audit

Understanding Your Brand's Current State

Our journey begins with a thorough examination of your current brand identity. We delve into your brand’s history, values, strengths, and areas that need improvement. The objective is to comprehensively understand where your brand stands in the market landscape.


Charting the Path Forward

In a collaborative strategy session, we work closely with your team to define clear and achievable business goals. This phase is pivotal in aligning your brand’s vision, mission, and values with the rebranding effort.


Crafting a New Visual Identity

Our creative design session is where ideas come to life. We explore diverse concepts, themes, and visual elements to define your brand’s new look and feel. Mood boards, sketches, and prototypes are utilized to visualize potential design directions that evoke the desired emotions and perceptions.


Shaping Your Visual Identity

Once a design direction is chosen, we begin the logo design journey, crafting a symbol or wordmark that embodies your rebranded identity. In parallel, we create comprehensive brand guidelines that serve as the blueprint for maintaining consistency across all brand assets.


Communicating Your Brand Story

In the final phase, we focus on crafting compelling key messaging that effectively conveys your brand’s unique story and value proposition. This messaging is designed to resonate with your target audience and is strategically used across various marketing channels.


Specialised Expertise for Every Sector

At Squibble, we don’t just create a new brand; we immerse ourselves in your industry. We know that every sector comes with its own set of unique challenges, and that’s where we shine. Our approach is all about understanding and making the most of those special nuances.

Branding is, in a nutshell, the representation of your company as a personality. It’s who you are and what differentiates you from your competitors.

It encapsulates everything associated with the perception of your business, from your logo and products to the deeper values your company holds.

When put like that, it sounds pretty daunting, huh?

But it doesn’t have to be, so long as you have the right people who understand every aspect of what your company stands for and what you’re hoping to achieve.

Your branding can make or break whether someone chooses to invest in your products or services. All of your marketing efforts and assigned budgets ultimately sit under your company’s brand.

We’ve written an entire post about why branding matters if you want to find out more. Building brand consistency is key to long-term brand success. 

Your brand personality is the thing that your target audience can relate to the most. For example, innocent Drinks personality is quirky, Tesla’s is sophisticated, and Harley Davidson’s is rugged.

This is one of the first things you should consider when setting up and building your brand.

If you’re unsure what your brand personality is or are looking to tweak it, a brand audit can help.

When you choose Squibble, you join our family, and likewise, we become part of your team.

So be ready for lots of questions and exploring new ideas. You’ll be presented with oodles of creativity and multiple check-ins along the way. Our love for creative design and branding is infectious, and we can’t wait to share our ideas with you.

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