Positioning for Market Success

Our focus was on developing a bold brand positioning strategy, fostering a daring market approach, and creating a suite of versatile brand assets for easy implementation. This case study delves into how we helped MOBLOX emerge as a compelling challenger brand with a cohesive and impactful identity.

The Wishlist​

Each of our clients is unique, and so are their needs. Let's take a closer look at how we helped address specific project goals.

Positioning Against Telecom Giants

As a startup backed by Piers Linney, MOBLOX needed to establish a strong market position against established telecom giants.

Encouraging Bravery

The cornerstone of MOBLOX's success was their audacity and innovation in market strategy and messaging. This presented a prime opportunity for them to position themselves as a challenger brand in the telecom sector.

Consistency in Branding

For a successful market entry, it was crucial that MOBLOX maintained consistent branding and messaging.

Delivering Results

See how our personalised approach turned client dreams into real, successful outcomes.

Strategic Market Positioning

Guiding MOBLOX to carve out a unique position in the competitive telecom industry, challenging the status quo and standing out as a fresh, dynamic player.

Cultivating a Bold Brand Persona

We encouraged MOBLOX to adopt a brave and forward-thinking strategy, pushing them to take risks that would set them apart in the telecom sector.

Creating Versatile Brand Assets

Developing a comprehensive suite of easily manageable assets for MOBLOX, enabling them to maintain brand consistency with drag-and-drop simplicity across various platforms and campaigns.

“Squibble have been instrumental in helping us to align our brand positioning moving forwards. They have since gone on to support us with creative input on a number of campaigns”

Piers Linney

CEO - Moblox


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