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New to website projects? Or just got a lot on your plate? Let Squibble be your guide through the world of web design. We’ll make it simple to hit your marketing goals.

Empowering Web Design

A website should elevate your brand, captivate your audience and be a tool of marketing joy. 

So often your once cutting-edge website is now, well, a bit embarrassing. The message doesn’t fit with your aspirations, it feels disconnected and frankly you don’t want your customers to know it’s there.

If your website is putting off your potential customers don’t waste your hard work – work with us to keep the customers you attract with a user centric website and wow your FD with more wins.

Harness the power of our expertise to transform your vision into a high-performance, intuitive, and immersive digital experience. If you dream it, Squibble will bring it to life.

Each Squibble creation is a fusion of passion and precision. It is built from scratch with performance at its heart and creativity as its soul. 

Ready to revolutionise your online presence? Reach out now. The Squibble tribe is ready to help.

With Squibble, you’re not restricted by revision limits, ensuring that the final product perfectly aligns with your business goals, thanks to our team’s thorough understanding of your vision.

Partnering with Squibble means having direct contact with the right experts throughout the process. This personalised approach ensures seamless execution and a more efficient journey from the initial concept to the final rollout of your new website.

Jem Dalal

Marketing Manager - Gleeson Recruitment

Ashley Hooper

Digital Marketing Manager - HFD Tamworth

We’re all about WordPress

We’re here to help you make the most of WordPress, creating websites that not only look fantastic but also share your unique story in a relatable way.

Pioneering with WordPress

With the boundless potential of WordPress's open-source magic, we create dynamic, adaptable digital platforms. Our sites are strategic masterpieces, allowing for growth and change. You're the boss - no need to seek us out for every tweak or post. We craft sites that give you the reigns.

Masters at Work

In the realm of web design, we delve deep into analytics, understanding website visitors' behaviour, and then shaping an engaging and intuitive user journey.

Giant in the Game

WordPress is more than a CMS—it's a digital revolution. Powering a vast chunk of the world's websites, its adaptability is unmatched.

Tailored just for You

Every pixel and code is crafted uniquely, infusing your distinct personality into the design. Break free from the constraints of conventional grids and let your site shine with a one-of-a-kind Squibble touch.

Seamless Integration

Whether it's an API, a plugin, or even crafting a bespoke WordPress plugin, our experienced team has all bases covered.

Animations with Impact

Animations make a site lively. At Squibble, we add custom cursors, unique scroll effects, and fun illustrations to make sure your website stands out and keeps users engaged.

Want a Website That Converts?

Imagine a website that’s not just beautiful but also a high performer in every aspect. We create each part of your site, from layout to user interface, with great attention to detail. The result? A digital presence that captivates, engages, and stands out.

Peak Website Performance?

Partner with Squibble for sites that look great and race ahead of the pack. We’re all about that lightning pace and unrivalled conversion ratios.

Flash-Speed Loading?

Visitors won’t bounce when sites blaze onto screens. With us, expect load times under a swift 0.5 seconds as standard.

We're Conversion Experts

With Squibble by your side, watch your conversion rates soar. A website isn’t just a space; it’s your ultimate marketing dynamo. Together, let’s make every click count.

SEO optimised websites

Take your website further

Your expertly crafted Squibble website deserves to shine. Make sure it’s seen by the right audience with top-tier SEO. We dive deep into understanding your ideal clients, conducting thorough keyword research to attract organic traffic to your site. Amplify your presence, reach, and influence in the digital realm.  


Find Hidden Opportunities with Our SEO Audit 

Before we dive into your website’s transformation, we conduct a detailed SEO audit. We’ll scrutinise your content, website structure, keyword rankings, backlinks, and more, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.  


Discover your Ideal Keywords

Our meticulous audit reveals which keywords you’re currently rocking on Google. We’ll detail their search volumes and your positions. Then, we’ll identify untapped keyword opportunities to enhance your organic visibility and reach. 


See into your Competitor’s Secrets

Are you curious about your competitors’ performance? We’ve got the tools and skills to go undercover, extracting invaluable data. This intelligence is your secret weapon to outshine them.  


Build your Master SEO Plan

Equipped with insights from your audit, keyword research, and competitor analysis, we’ll tailor an unbeatable SEO strategy. Expect clear targets, innovative approaches, and a roadmap to top rankings.  

Our Web development process

Creating Digital Experiences with Purpose

At Squibble, we don’t just design and develop websites; we craft immersive journeys. Every project is an art and science fusion, and our award-winning touch ensures it.  

Web design Birmingham. Team working on a project.

User Journey

Control your Visitors’ Experience

Work with us to identify and optimise your website’s user journey. This will enhance conversions and user satisfaction. We’re specialists in understanding and crafting pathways that resonate with your user personas.

Design system

Start your Visual Adventure

Detail matters. Our design system meticulously outlines every facet of your website’s aesthetics. This is the beginning of your visual story, from colour palettes to photography style.  

UX/ UI Design

Blend Design with Functionality

Using the created design system, our UI team crafts modern website interfaces prioritising user experience. Our commitment? Ensuring a seamless interaction for every user.  

Web design Birmingham. Latest project


Where Ideas come to Life

When it’s time to transform designs into functional websites, our experts jump in. We guarantee pixel-perfect renditions and functionalities tailor-made for your needs.  

Quality & Assurance

Excellence in Every Pixel

We have high standards and only release websites that make us proud. Through meticulous internal testing, we ensure that what we deliver will meet and exceed your expectations.  

“With Squibble there’s no time lag in terms of communication. I haven’t got to go through three people before it gets to the guy who’s going to do the work.”

Ashley Hooper

Digital Marketing Manager - HFD Tamworth


Specialised Expertise for Every Niche

At Squibble, we don’t just create websites; we immerse ourselves in your industry. Each sector has unique challenges, and we’ve tailored our approach to understand and capitalise on those nuances.

One of the main benefits of working with a web design agency is that one acquires the collective skill, experience and knowledge of a large pool of experts. For example, our team can also offer advice regarding social media marketing and other digital solutions.

Not only is this a fantastic, dynamic creative resource but it will also help to eliminate the risk of individual error.

Absolutely. Designing a website is a complex and time-consuming endeavour.

As such, the aid of a professional web developer nullifies many of the inherent risks of digital marketing and actively encourages business growth.

At Squibble, we view our clients as colleagues – not as a source of income.

As such, from first contact right through to the implementation and maintenance of your site, we’ll work with you to help you achieve your business goals.

The design of a new business website is vital because it actively influences search engine ranking, user behaviour and ultimately, profitability.

Branding in web design is about ensuring your digital shop front has the same look and feel as other brand assets and matches your overall personality. It’s important to ensure if you’re considering a re-brand that your overall digital website is considered as part of this process.

Although “Branding” is not technically web design here at Squibble we believe that any successful website project is informed by your brand’s narrative and ethos. Your website should always incorporate different elements of your brand.

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