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Aristone Solicitors faced challenges with an unstructured website, leading to a poor user experience. We streamlined content, redesigned the sitemap, and organised the navigation bar for improved usability. Addressing admin inefficiencies, we revamped the contact form and added a calendar feature for easy scheduling. Amid a recent rebrand, we overhauled the website to align with the new brand identity, achieving a modern and revitalised appearance.

The Wishlist​

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Revamped User Experience

The problem identified in Aristone Solicitors' existing site was the lack of structure among numerous pages, leading to a challenging and poor user experience. They needed a complete overhaul of there existing pages to condense them into a user-friendly site

Admin Efficiency

The problem at Aristone was the inefficient administrative process due to a basic and user-unfriendly contact form. The team faced a continuous loop of back-and-forth communication, hindering effective enquiry management. To address this, a dynamic contact form was introduced to streamline user enquiries, providing an intuitive journey.

Up-to-date Styling

Lastly, their recently rebranded identity was not reflected on their website. The site remains outdated and adheres to the old branding, necessitating external assistance to align it with the new style and effectively integrate the recent rebrand into their online presence.

Delivering Results

See how our personalised approach turned client dreams into real, successful outcomes.

A User-Friendly Makeover

After we reviewed their website, it was evident that the numerous pages lacked structure, resulting in a challenging and poor user experience. In response, we streamlined the content, transforming it into easily digestible pages. A comprehensive redesign of the sitemap and the organisation of a cluttered navigation bar were pivotal in enhancing the overall user experience, turning it into a website that’s much easier to use.

Effortless Enquiries

Aristone faced admin challenges with a basic contact form, leading to inefficient back-and-forth communication. We addressed this by creating a dynamic contact form with a user-friendly journey. The addition of a calendar feature allows users to easily schedule appointments, streamlining the process for both clients and the admin team.

Refreshed Appearance

Undergoing a recent company rebrand, they sought a website overhaul to align with the new brand identity. Collaborating closely with the provided brand guidelines, we ensured that the website seamlessly embodied the refreshed styling, resulting in a modern and revitalised appearance.


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