FWAMs' Rapid Launch

In our project with FWAMs, funded by Capita, we overcame several challenges to deliver a custom digital platform. We introduced vibrant colours to a typically bland sector, achieved a rapid website launch within two months, and developed a streamlined admin dashboard.

The Wishlist​

Each of our clients is unique, and so are their needs. Let's take a closer look at how we helped address specific project goals.

Transforming Digital Engagement

The sector FWAMs operates in is typically characterised by conservative and bland designs. Our task was to infuse vibrancy and life into their digital platform.

Rapid Development and Launch

Following the contract award, there was a pressing need to get the website operational for service delivery within a tight two-month timeframe.

Streamlined Admin Dashboard

FWAMs required a user-friendly admin dashboard with essential tools and functionality, avoiding unnecessary complexity.

Delivering Results

See how our personalised approach turned client dreams into real, successful outcomes.

Course Booking

We developed a system allowing users to book courses easily and provided a feature for one-to-many access, enhancing the platform's functionality and user engagement.

Tailored Reporting and Automated Communications

Our team created custom report generation tools for administrators and implemented automated email systems for attendees, streamlining communication and data management.

Ensuring Security and Compliance

The platform was rigorously security tested, including penetration testing, to ensure it was secure and met all necessary compliance standards, giving FWAMs and its users confidence in the platform’s reliability.


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