Rapid, Collaborative Design

The Turing Scheme is the UK Department for Education (DfE) programme to fund opportunities for UK-based students to study or work abroad.

Our friends at Capita were leading the project for a new Turing Scheme website and called us in to help. There was only one catch: things had to move quickly. Very quickly.

The Wishlist​

Each of our clients is unique, and so are their needs. Let's take a closer look at how we helped address specific project goals.

Security, Check

Handling government data, it was imperative the site was secure and always backed-up and up-to-date. Something they could trust Squibble to handle.

Easy-to-update Platform

The marketing department wanted full control over the CMS so they could make regular content changes. Welcome WordPress.

Idea Sharing

It was important that the client worked with a brand that would collaborate with them on this project.

Delivering Results

See how our personalised approach turned client dreams into real, successful outcomes.

Concept to Live in Weeks

The new website had to be ready in less than four weeks. That’s quick, but we're not easily fazed. First step? Rapid, iterative wireframes to get everyone agreed on structure and layout. Brand guidelines were already locked down, so we explored options to make best use of the arrow motif within a user-friendly website. Before long, we had a new design agreed and built.

Designed for Accessibility

Accessibility was a key focus on this project. We had to make sure people with impaired vision could still read the text. So we paid special attention to font size and layouts – making sure fonts were 16 pixels minimum and keeping a keen eye out for any problematic text or colour overlaps.

Ongoing support

As a government funded project, this website carries strict reliability targets – including 99.9% monthly uptime. We provide ongoing support to maintain the website and make sure nothing stands in the way of uptime, while also helping with content management.


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