Art on a Fresh Digital Canvas

The family of the late artist Anthony Lawrence sought to revitalise their outdated and challenging-to-navigate website. Their goal was to create a fresh, modern site that would aptly showcase the beautiful artwork of Anthony Lawrence, giving it the presentation it truly deserved.

The Wishlist​

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Streamlined Art Collection

The challenge at hand was the task of managing a vast collection of artwork within the context of Anthony Lawrence's outdated and difficult-to-navigate website. The need arose for a revamped site that could effectively organise and facilitate easy retrieval of all the artworks in a streamlined and user-friendly manner.

Creating a Contemporary Canvas

Facing the challenge of an outdated website for Anthony Lawrence's artwork, the dated appearance hindered the authentic portrayal of his vibrant artwork. The clients envisioned a transformation into a contemporary virtual art gallery, requiring a solution to not only modernise the site but also ensure the spotlight remained on Lawrence's expressive artwork and his legacy.

Delivering Results

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A Collaborative Solution

In collaboration with the client during our discovery session, we addressed the challenge of sorting through a vast collection of artwork. We devised an effective categorisation system, seamlessly integrating it into the site. Moreover, we ensured a user-friendly interface for effortless uploading of additional pieces in the future, providing the client with a streamlined and adaptable solution.

Transforming Legacy

The outdated Anthony Lawrence site inspired a vision for a virtual art gallery. We transformed this vision into reality with a contemporary website, keeping colours subdued to let Lawrence's vibrant artwork shine. A heartfelt touch was added by animating the late Anthony Lawrence's signature, paying tribute to his artistic legacy.


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