the value of pop culture trademarksthe value of pop culture trademarks

The Value Of Trademarks

Branding is the key to any new business venture, and with branding comes the brand name itself.  The most common way to protect your brand name is to have it trademarked, as trademarking can allow you to release merchandise, market and operate in numerous markets (as long as you select …

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the weirdest trademarks in the worldthe weirdest trademarks in the world

The Weirdest Trademarks in the World

Trademarks are a legal way to ensure other people can’t profit off of your original idea or phrase, though the rules for what can and cannot be trademarked are not exactly clear-cut and simple. They can be put in place to prevent people from selling fake merchandise, like phone cases …

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What Are The 4 Types of Logos?What Are The 4 Types of Logos?

What Are The 4 Types of Logos?

Logos can be exciting. For many new businesses, a logo is the first thing they think about – something about having an ident makes a business seem more real.  On the other hand, designing a logo can be overwhelming – for many of the same reasons that business owners often …

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Why Is Packaging Design So Important?

Packaging is how a product presents itself. It’s therefore also how it will stand out in a crowded marketplace. Whether on the supermarket shelves, in a promotional video or an online product shot, the box is an important part of the product – and the better it is, the more …

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What Makes Good Packaging Design?

Good packaging design catches the eye – but also the imagination. Artwork, shape, material and size all make a big difference when it comes to packaging, and achieving harmony in your design between all of these elements – and your brand – is key to achieve an effective package. We’ve …

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What Makes A Bad Website Design?

Bad website design is confused web design – and we all know a muddled webpage when we see one. Our grandmothers might have told us that, if we’ve nothing nice to say, we should say nothing at all; but the truth is we can learn from the negative – it …

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Why Graphic Design Is Important for Any Business

Graphic design is the art of appearances. Graphic designers craft how something looks so that it appeals to the target market, is appropriate to the function of an item, and projects the correct values and messages. Businesses need to achieve all of this in every single piece of communication they …

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What is the purpose of rebranding?What is the purpose of rebranding?

What Is The Purpose of Rebranding?

The purpose of rebranding is in one sense easily expressed: it is to give the corporate image of a business – the public face a company uses to communicate with its customers – a facelift.  This might mean a new logo, a new set of colourways, or a fresh approach …

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Graphic Design: What’s It All About?

Graphic design isn’t magic, but it can be mysterious. It’s easy to think it’s mostly about logos and Hollywood posters – but actually graphic design is all around us. Anything that has been designed visually to evoke a mood or a message has had some element of graphic design applied …

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Why Branding MattersWhy Branding Matters

Why Branding Matters

Understanding why branding matters can sometimes seem a lower-order priority. In the busy world of running any kind of organisation, considering its logos or typefaces can feel like a distraction from the nuts and bolts of making it a success. But branding matters because it gives a company an identity …

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What Are The-5 Characteristics of a Logo?What Are The-5 Characteristics of a Logo?

What Are The 5 Characteristics of A Logo?

Like most things of a certain type, logos share certain characteristics – or at least the good ones do. It might be true that all bad logos are bad in different ways; but the best logos each share a set of five characteristics that make them work. Understanding these basic …

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