3 reasons you should stop posting on social media

Stop posting on social media

Social media is the beast that never sleeps and on average we spend nearly 2 hours per day browsing and scrolling. As a business it makes sense to utilise this readily available audience, right?! I disagree, I think most businesses need to go back to basics. One of the first things I learnt when I started out in business was to ‘talk less, listen more’. We all know the networkers or roll up and offer their business cards before even asking for your name. And how do you react? By …

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Overwhelmed By All The Design Agencies?

There are so many design agencies out there that it can be difficult to know where to start. From smaller to larger, all-service to web specialists, design agencies come in many shapes and sizes. Given how important a website is to a business, choosing the right one is critical. But how should organisations choose?

How to Write a High Quality Logo Brief

'Escape Brum' logo development

We all know that logos matter: at their best, they are an instantly recognisable motif – a short-hand for your company, its products and values. They’re invaluable calling cards, and often central to a marketing strategy. Something so important, of course, doesn’t happen by accident. Distilling an organisation’s brand into a single graphical element takes a lot of thought, a dash of creativity and a good deal of graft.  From a designer’s perspective, nothing is more important to this process than a good brief. Providing a designer with a clear …

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Culture, branding and being real – why culture always beats strategy

Culture beats strategy

Culture, branding and being real – why culture always beats strategy  Two weeks ago, the Squibble team were lucky enough to listen to a seminar from NAConsulting, hosted by Natwest. The day was based around the notion that “culture beats strategy” – and we have to say, we completely agree. But this got us to thinking – how many companies consider their culture? How many brands have even thought about what ‘culture’ really represents? Here we explain why we think culture truly does matter. And more to the point, how without a set …

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How to create a global brand

How to create a global brand Coors – An American powerhouse of a brewery, when you hear their name, it likely conjures up words such as refreshing, heritage and authentic. This brand is the third-largest of its kind in the world, they’ve hard earned their image. Except their image wasn’t so effective when they launched in Spain, where their slogan “Turn It Loose” was translated – into a colloquial term for having diarrhoea. Safe to say some expensive damage limitation was required to rectify the issue. Moral of the story? …

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2017: Branding challenges, opportunities and change

Power of branding

Branding – it’s a tough task to get right for the average SME. Transitioning your thinking from visuals alone to understanding that branding is everything (from the tone of voice through to ethos and values) demands time and careful consideration. And just when you thought you’d made it through the quagmire of branding, along comes consumer change and new branding trends. This change is inevitable – and it should be embraced (if only for the fact that it can’t be avoided). What’s more, along with change comes opportunity. So here we look to the future – the next 12 months of it – exploring the challenges and opportunities for your SME brand – whether you see them as challenge or opportunity, depends very much on your mindset.

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Branding. What’s the true cost of getting it wrong?

Branding. What's the true cost of getting it wrong

Branding. It’s a word that all too often gets confused with things such as a logo design, colour palettes, brochure design or, well, just plain old pretty pictures. Yet branding, in actuality, is far more than any of these single elements. Sure, it can be said to involve all of them – but at its most fundamental level, branding is what encapsulates a company͛s USP, it is what communicates their values, their identity and what it is that connects a business, with its target market. It͛s incredibly important. And when companies get it wrong, the results can be …

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Top tips for how to make your brochure more effective

Ever wondered how you can make your product, company or internal newsletter more effective? Read this article, and we will provide you with a few good, and necessary tools to make your brochure stand out and get a high customer respond. You need to understand your customers First of all, like any other marketing activity you do, you need to spend time making sure you fully understand your customer. What are they looking for in a brochure? Why would they read it and how will they read it (online, hard …

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