The importance of strong foundations



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Without strong foundations, a house can crack and collapse. Similarly, a website can begin to break apart without the right foundations.

Here are the key foundations for a strong website:

Domain name:

Not necessarily your company name.

When deciding upon your domain name, think about what people will type into Google to find your company or similar companies. Will they search specifically for you, or will most people type in the area or sector in which you work?

One great example of this is B&Q, whose domain name is

They may be a well known retailer, however by using DIY in their domain name they will appear in searches not only for their company in particular, but for more general searches as well. This should mean more clicks on their website and lead to more business!

Our own domain is also an example of this. We have used a longtail keyword “Graphic Design Birmingham” in our URL. We are currently number 1 for this search phrase in Google.

Web hosting site:

Make sure your web hosting service is suited to your requirements. Check customer reviews and look at all the information they provide to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Check statistics like their bandwidth, disk space, technical support and server infrastructure before deciding. If you have any questions or are unsure, give us a call on 0121 448 4776 and we will happily talk you through the jargon, free of charge and on any hosting provider.

Design of website:

WordPress is the top choice for many web designers. You can style your site how you wish, use sleek themes and it is great for blogs. See our previous blog post, We’re loud and proud…about WordPress, which will help you understand our love for it.


Once your website has been created, designed and named, you need to begin filling it with your content. This needs to be well written, enticing and relevant! Remember to include your keywords and eye-catching imagery.

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