The importance of knowing your Strengths and Weaknesses

SWOT Grow your business and dodge threats by writing a SWOT. What it is A SWOT Analysis helps you to discover your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths and weaknesses can be found internally, whereas opportunities and threats are external to your company. How its helpful Assessing your business’ …

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Why keep a blog?

Why have a blog?

What does a blog add to your website? Is it really necessary or just an optional addition? In this post, I am going to put forward some strong points for the addition of a blog to every website. The figures Statistics show that a blog can really help your business …

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join our design agency

Join our team

We are looking for an experienced designer to join our dynamic design agency. To apply for this role you must be proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite and have extensive WordPress experience. The ideal candidate must have more than 2 years experience in a design role/or have 2+ years as …

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