What are you paying for with a new website?

What are you paying for with a new website?

So you want a new website. Good choice! We think websites are good things, and new ones almost always offer a lot of opportunities to a business for improving and enhancing how they communicate with customers. The next step for our clients is almost always to figure out how much that exciting new website is going to cost them. This, of course, is where things get real: what is the project budget, and how much does a particular designer charge? What’s the cost/benefit analysis on all this? Assessing design costs …

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Why WordPress is great for SEO

According to W3techs, WordPress powers 60% of all the websites (with a known content management system) on the internet. A service doesn’t reach that kind of market share on usability and good advertising alone. WordPress works, and it works well. We’re going to focus on the SEO benefits that come with using WordPress, and why it is our CMS of choice for carrying out Search Engine Optimisation projects. Out of the box: All WordPress sites come with readymade SEO features that some other services do not. One such feature allows …

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How to Write a High-Quality Web Design Brief

A project is like a journey. Each has a destination, and the aim is to reach that place on time and on budget. This never happens by accident. A well written web brief is how to avoid detours, accidents and traffic jams. It will save time – and result in clearer quotes! When setting out on any trip, most of us will also work out a route: turn right here, continue for fifteen miles there. It matters to us that we reach our end-point quickly, efficiently and with a minimum …

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Why UX Is Important for Your Website

importance of user experience in web design

News flash for those not in the know: UX is not the latest Star Wars droid (who can improve on BB-8 anyway?). In web design, UX – or user experience – is all about usability. It provides a focus on function, not just form. How easy is your site to use? How relevant is its content? Is it straightforward for a visitor to find the information they need? This is the stuff of UX design. Good user experiences don’t materialise by chance. Instead, they require a lot of careful thought – …

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Build a website in 1 day!

Our one day WordPress training workshop transforms WP beginners into savvy WP users with a shiny new online presence in a single day Over the course of the WordPress workshop you’ll be provided with all that you need to create a professional looking website. You’ll receive the tools, the skills and the knowledge. If you want to know how to effectively use your website to manage your content, then this is the masterclass for you. Kimberley Leary has more than a decade’s worth of experience with WordPress. Today she happily shares her knowledge …

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