Why UX Is Important for Your Website

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News flash for those not in the know: UX is not the latest Star Wars droid (who can improve on BB-8 anyway?). In web design, UX – or user experience – is all about usability. It provides a focus on function, not just form. How easy is your site to use? How relevant is its content? Is it straightforward for a visitor to find the information they need? This is the stuff of UX design.

Good user experiences don’t materialise by chance. Instead, they require a lot of careful thought – and that’s where a good designer comes into their own.

But why does this matter? 

  1. Increase Conversions. A great website experience will enthuse your users and convert them into clients. A user-friendly website that works as a visitor expects – and delivers them content they find interesting or useful – will also encourage them to buy. Good UX reduces barriers to sale.
  2. Improve Brand Loyalty. A good UX engages your target audience. It does this by creating a space that feels welcoming to them – one in which they feel comfortable, and where they want to spend time. You’ve worked hard on creating an attractive brand – your site should be part of that project.
  3. Reduce Costs Later. The process of building a great user experience is one of testing and prototyping. You’ll go through your site with a fine-tooth comb, to ensure the visitor experiences no snags or niggles. Later on down the line, you won’t then uncover bugs or holes that cost money and time to fix and fill.
  4. Enhance Your SEO. Google and other search engines scan sites in order to rank them. The algorithms they use to do this are smart – and they can assess the usability of a site. In other words, your search ranking will improve if you offer a better user experience.
  5. Get More Referrals. This one’s obvious in many ways: if someone enjoys using your site, they’ll tell a friend about it. Peer-to-peer referral is powerful because people trust their personal contacts more than mere advertising. Good word of mouth is like gold dust – and UX can get it you.

In case you need further convincing, just think for a minute about all this from the other end of the telescope: what effects would a bad user experience have on a website and an organisation?

We’ve all visited poor websites – and we’ve all left them very quickly, never to return. Much better to build a site that encourages users to make prolonged visits and return to it regularly – becoming loyal and engaged customers.

Simply put, good UX design transforms a website’s utility to your organisation. And that’s why UX is important for your website.

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