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What does a blog add to your website? Is it really necessary or just an optional addition? In this post, I am going to put forward some strong points for the addition of a blog to every website.

The figures

Statistics show that a blog can really help your business to grow. Businesses with blogs have around 55% more visitors to their website. This alone should be a great reason to add a blog to your website, more visitors means more chances to gain customers and sales.

Gain credibility

A strong, well written, insightful blog tells others that you know what you are talking about. It can help you gain credibility within your market and people will be more likely to turn to you when they need the services you offer if they trust you and believe you know your business well.

Increased traffic

A blog can help bring new visitors to your site! A website that is constantly updated and uses relevant keywords within each post will soar in search engine rankings. Google loves a site that is regularly updated, blogs can help you with this!

It will also help to bring in new customers if you post your blog updates on social media. A blog is a much more informal way of getting to know a company. Many will look to your blog to get to know more about you, your brand and your business. Having recent posts with relevant information will reassure them you are working hard and working well.

Brand Awareness

At Squibble, we know a thing or two about Brand Development. Your blog is a great way of telling people more about your brand and values. It gives you a voice on the internet and can be more personal and informal than your main site. Well informed, well-written posts may even get re-posted or shared by others on the internet, helping to grow awareness of your company! Also helping to improve your SEO!

Financial Sense

Finally, a blog can help you save money! It can be used instead of printed media if you wish, letting you post articles you may have printed and giving you a space to advertise instead of printing posters.

There are so many reasons in favour of having a blog on your site, it seems silly not to give it a go! You don’t have to be the worlds greatest writer, just have a strong knowledge of your business and brand and not be afraid to tell the world more about it! Hopefully, your readers will become your customers and sales will boom!


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