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White Space Matters!

White space refers to the area within a pages layout that is left empty. It is the space between graphics, margins or text and is also referred to as negative space.

White space should not be considered merely ‘blank’ space — it is an important element of design which enables the objects in it to exist in a balanced manner. The use of white spaces is key to aesthetic composition.


Image One                                                              Image Two

Ok, so this may be a crazy example (image one) but it highlights my point that ‘white space matters’. It seems that this web developer “forgot” to add a white background to the page to separate the text from the background image (which in this case is a lovely shade of sunshine yellow!). Causing the viewer a headache will definitely not sell your products or services.

Image 2 highlights how too much of one colour results in a page that lacks power. Key points will not stand out and in this example everything blends into the blue abyss.

Do you have a bright background colour or image stretching the full page? Change it now by adding a white background behind the text. This allows viewers to read the text easily and instantly improves your page adding a more professional finish.

Are you using yellow? Don’t panic it might be appropriate for you just make sure it’s toned down. Look at your page with fresh eyes and ask yourself honestly – Does this layout make sense and is the page structure easy to follow?

[header]Tip Two.[/header]

Below the fold. It is a good idea to test your site on various sized screens. A laptop will show less of the page therefore a visitor has to scroll and this could result in products or services not being seen.

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