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I’m Kim a passionate marketer | Sharing growth insights for success | Proud founder of Squibble, empowering Midlands marketers to thrive by turning clunky websites into marketing joy | Let’s fuel your journey!

We are pleased to announce our new offices located in Tamworth (Cue cheering and air punching). We’ve had a really successful 12 months taking on some pretty big clients and some exciting SME’s in between. This meant more space was needed and more importantly somewhere our clients could sit comfortably with a cuppa!

We’re settling in quite nicely and in a bid to make sure it’s an exciting environment to work in we’re covering the walls with inspirational artwork. The artwork is a combination of trending styles, interesting colour schemes and anything else in between.

Our new office address is:

Unit 4, Falcon Park
Claymore, Tame Vally Ind Est
B77 5DQ

Have you got a project you’d like to discuss? We promise to look after you so why not pop in 🙂

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