Hit a wall in your brand development?

There’s a story behind your brand, but it’s not always easy to tell. Squibble has helped countless brands crack the code to building and executing their brand strategy. It’s your turn.

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Time to bring in the experts

No matter how well you understand your brand, communicating it can feel impossible. With Squibble, you benefit from an outside perspective from a team of branding experts who work collaboratively with you to devise the perfect strategy for your unique identity.

Brand Strategy

There is no magic bullet in terms of branding services. That’s why every branding project we undertake begins with a discovery session to develop a tailor-made strategy.

Our branding portfolio

Although we work with big and small companies most of our clients have one thing in common. They have successfully grown their business but have neglected their brand. Usually they have introduced additional services but their website or marketing comms doesn’t reflect this. Then they realise their brand is holding them back from further growth. If this sounds like you, we can definitely help.

Branding is the representation of your organisation as a personality. Branding is who you are and what differentiates you from your competitors.

Depending on your requirements, our timelines may vary. Generally the whole process will take up to 4/5 weeks. Week 1 – Discovery session where we identify your key messages, customer personas and define milestones. Week 2 – You’ll receive 3 logo design concepts. Week 3 – Revisions and refinement to your chosen design. Week 4-5 – We’ll set to work on creating colour palettes, brand guidelines, brand asset imagery (such as icons and graphics) and creating all your business stationery.

When you choose Squibble you join our family and likewise we become part of your team. Be ready for lots of questions, exploring new ideas, to be presented with oodles of creativity and multiple check-ins along the way. Our love for creative design and branding is infectious and we can’t wait to share our ideas with you.

The Squibble guarantee.

With us, you are not expected to accept results you are not happy with. Our approach is deeply collaborative and your opinion is critical to whether we’ve done a good job.

Discovery Session →

Our entire creative process is based on our understanding of your unique business objectives and backstory. That’s why every project begins with a Discovery Session.

Rebranding →

If your brand needs a refresh, our team of rebranding experts can conceptualise and create logos, packaging, brochures, websites and more.

Packaging Design →

Packaging is how a product attracts attention. It’s how any item shouts about itself. In a crowded marketplace, getting packaging right is essential.

Logo Design →

A logo is the distillation of a brand. It should be the product of much thought – and a splash of creativity.

Brochures and Publications →

The printed page has a permanence that other media can’t match. It offers customers a tactile means of getting to know a company and its brand.

Exhibitions and Events →

At any event or exhibition worth its name, there’s plenty to look at. Good design is how a business ensures that all eyes are nevertheless on them.

Your Story. It Matters.

Branding Agency Birmingham.

Everyone understands the importance of branding. Businesses spend precious time and resources trying to find the right visuals and messages to engage their customers. So why doesn’t it work? 

Simply put: branding is not easy. There is a strategy and a science to it that only becomes natural when you’ve done it time and time again. This is what Squibble can bring to the table. If you’ve reached a plateau in developing and communicating your brand, it might be time to bring in some third-party expertise

We know branding—we’ve done it multiple times over and the results speak for themselves. 

Crucially, we don’t attempt to dictate or control your brand, but work collaboratively with you to identify your most powerful brand messages and convey them to your target audience through logos, packaging, brochures, publications and more. We even have a refund guarantee in place if you’re not satisfied with the end result. 

Let’s unlock your brand’s full potential. Talk to us to find out how.

“We take our clients through a discovery process which uncovers all the essentials of a business. With that understanding, we build a brand that will be both purposeful and impactful.” 

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Ask us anything. From basic questions to complex queries about your approach to brand development, content creation, or web design.

We are ready to talk to you on +44 (0)121 448 4776 

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