Stuck in the mud with an outdated brand? Time to give it a push and get things moving.

Every brand has a story. But it doesn’t always shine through. We drill down deep into yours, to uncover the very heart of your business and create a brand experience that connects with your audience. Because, like all good stories, branding should be memorable. 

And that’s why every branding project we undertake as an agency, begins with a discovery session to develop a tailor-made strategy, unique to your company and your brand identity. So that your story stands out. Propelling your business onwards and upwards. 

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Luke Carthy, Afrodrops CEO

“Cant thank Squibble Ltd for their amazing work with Afrodrops. Cant recommend them highly enough. From start to finish were extremely efficient, proactive and all round amazing!”

— Luke Carthy, Afrodrops

The Process

Step One

Discovery Session

The discovery session gives our team a chance to get to know you, your business, and anything else that might be useful in our aim to provide you with the best results possible. We like to keep these relaxed and informal – you’d be surprised what gems can get unturned during a friendly chin-wag!

Step Two


Once we know a little more about you, it’s time for us to take a deeper dive into the areas in which you operate. What are the competition doing? What outdated themes in your industry that need disrupting? What other brands do your customers love?

You can expect to see some mood boards popping or the additional phone call to discuss our findings. It’s all good stuff.

Step Three

Concept Stage

This is where we start to put pencil to paper and turn ideas into reality. Any good designer will tell you that going straight to the computer when starting a logo design is a bad move. We always start our designs from scratch – no stock, no copying, just original concepts for original brands. Once we have something we’re excited to show you, we’ll get it vectorised and ready for the presentation.

Step Four

Revision Stage

Although it does happen from time to time, we don’t always get the perfect design right at the start. That’s why we always factor in revision rounds to take the rough gem of an idea and shape it into the best it can be. You will be included at every step of the way to make sure we’re all on the same page and moving things forward.

Step Five


Once you’re totally happy with the finished design, it’s time for us to get it packaged up and ready for you. Your branding has the potential to be viewed in all sorts of sizes and applications, from mobile screens to printed billboards, that’s why it’s important that we supply it in different file-types to make sure you have the right file for the right application. Every time.

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What our clients say

Client ImageYiannis MaosTech networking mastermind and big B-Town advocate

‘Kim and the team at Squibble are absolutely incredible! They worked with us on Birmingham Tech Week and helped raise the profile of the brand and engagement across all digital channels. They’re an amazing team who are dedicated, professional and super creative…’

Client ImageTania VeignatMulti-lingual Family Skincare Mogul

‘I cannot recommend Squibble highly enough. If you are considering contacting Squibble, just do it. You won’t regret it. Working with Kim and James were wonderful. They are very creative and are very attentive to your needs. One can tell that they put their clients first, above anything else…’

Client ImageSimone RocheEquality champion & Royal Navy Badass

‘Squibble took our vision and not only delivered it, but helped improve it along the way. From the initial kick-off meeting through to the launch of the platform, Squibble were enthusiastic, insightful and available at every step of the way…’

Client ImageLuke CarthyE-Commernce aficionado & Afro hair care enthusiast

‘Squibble were patient, attentive and I felt they knew what I was looking for from the get go. We had a great discovery call where they got a feel for what I was looking for and my inspiration which was great. I was then able to trust and lean on their expertise and they delivered; creating a timeless and instantly recognisable brand for my project. I’d highly recommend the Squibble team!’

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