How to make pop-up boxes less irritating.



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No one likes to click and a site and immediately be bombarded with pop-up boxes demanding their attention. But so many sites use these pop-ups to advertise their newsletters, offers and much more (even we do!) so they must work. In this article we are going to look into how to create a non annoying pop up box.

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The words we use can change someone perception of us very quickly. If a pop-up demands that we pay attention or sign up, it may come across as a little brash and demanding. Instead try asking the viewer a question about what they are looking for or telling them something interesting and useful about the offer you are promoting.

Instead of merely trying to grab their attention with a demand like ‘sign up now!’ try ‘Do you need a new (product/service)?’ and exchange ‘get our latest offer!’ for a more informative sentence about your offer and why it may appeal to them.

Don’t write an essay

One or two short snappy sentences and a sign up box is all you need. You do not need to explain the reasoning behind the offer, nor do you need to know a hundred different details about this person. A pop-up should be able to be read, filled in and exited within a matter of minutes.

Make it easy to exit

Whatever you do, don’t make it impossible to exit the pop-up box! No one will thank you if you attack them with pop-ups that cannot be removed until they fill in their details. It’s sneaky and will probably result in many fake emails being entered into your system.

Give it time

Instead of setting your pop-up to appear as soon as someone clicks on your site, give them a while to browse. Someone that has clicked around your site and read a little about your company is more likely to be intrigued enough to sign up to any offer or newsletter. Someone that hasn’t even had time to read your company name, let alone your website, will have no idea who you are, let alone what they are signing up to.

I hope this article shows you that it is possible to create a friendly pop-up. With the right timing, wording and ease of use, pop-ups can become much less irritating much more useful!

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