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When should you post?

Early risers and late night searchers- what to post to get the attention of your audience

Social media is a wonderful tool, it allows you to market to a huge number of people for free, but it can be difficult to work out exactly when you should be posting. If you only post whilst at work you will miss out on those who only scroll through their feed at home. If you post in the evenings you will miss out on the early risers who read their feeds over breakfast. But it may take very different posts to peak the interest of these different people, so how can you know what to post when?

Early morning

Those reading their feeds in the early hours, over breakfast or on the way to work are often looking for news or quick, succinct posts. They are getting ready for the day and probably do not have the time to read long posts or browse your site for hours on end. They will most probably respond best to catchy, quick posts or photo advertising.

If you want their business, try adding a sign up box (but only ask for their email, don’t add in endless boxes or questions) and then they can browse your products later, when they have time. Or add news updates on products and trends relating to your business, this could catch their attention.

During the working day

Most of the people looking at their feeds during the day will be at work and so looking for business purposes (or sneaking a glance when they shouldn’t be!). They will respond best to adverts for your products or services, deals you may have or links to your website and information on your company.


Around lunchtime is a prime time to grab the attention of those on their lunch break looking to relax and read the news or maybe a blog post or two. Try posting intriguing posts that will gain their attention and lead people to your site or blog.

However, some people could still be work mode, remember that and try to make any posts relevant to your work, highlight your great work and the business you offer. Maybe they will remember your name and mention it later in the day?!


Anyone looking through their feed at night will most probably not be searching for work purposes. They will be on their personal accounts looking through friends posts and news updates. Try using sites like Facebook or Instagram more at this time and go for a more friendly, fun or interesting angle. Try posting photos, offers or just funny, interesting quotes, news stories and articles. Nothing too heavy or obviously promoting your brand.

Remember: this is merely a guide, not every person searching at these different times will fit into this pattern! You could always try mixing up your schedule for a few weeks and see what works best.



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