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App reviews: Events

Make events easy with these top apps

Whether you are attending, running or giving a speech at an event, these apps are all worth adding to your phone or computer right now! They help make the process of creating, attending or talking at an event a lot easier.


Price: free

What is it?

Eventbrite is an event app that lets you discover popular events in your area as well as get tickets and information for events. It is also a website you can use on your computer, but has branched out into an app so you can access all your event information on the go. You can also sign up as an event organiser and update your event information and check on how many people are coming.

Why is it good?

You can link to ticket selling sites and Apple Pay on iPhone 6 to buy tickets quickly and simply. You can also link Eventbrite to apps like Passbook to gain easy access to the event with a barcode. It makes attending events so much simpler! Also for organisers it lets you check on your event information and see how well sales are going whilst on the go, letting you check attendance right before you event begins!


Price: free, £3 a month for premium- more features

What is it?

We are always featuring Evernote, it is just too useful! Evernote lets you collect your thoughts in one place and make notes on anything that sparks your imagination whilst you are on the go, great for someone looking for inspiration for a speech! You can take pictures, add links to sites and write notes or beginnings of a speech and keep it all in one place.

Why is it good?

You can not only make notes on your speech, you can also add an event reminder, so that you know how long you have until you speech needs to be ready! Evernote is simple to use and great at organising your notes and keeping track of any new ideas that come to mind, all the while gently reminding you of your deadline!

Slideshare Presentations

Price: free

What is it?

Slideshare lets you upload presentations and watch others slideshows. All slideshows are filed by subject matter so you can quickly find a presentation on the topic you are interested in. You can also upload pdfs, infographics and word documents alongside your slideshow, giving others all the information they may need on your subject matter. The app lets you explore over 15 million presentations, documents and infographics within 30 categories both online and offline!

Why is it good?

Slideshare receives around 2 million visits a month to it’s website, so it must be doing something right! You can quickly find an expert opinion on pretty much anything and others can review your slideshow saying how useful or correct they think your information was, helping other searchers to know which show to watch. You can also find conference presentations on the site, great if you wanted to attend but couldn’t!

Adobe reader app

Price: free

What is it?

It is an app version of the Adobe reader program so many of us have on our computers. It lets you read and edit PDFs on your iPhone or iPad. This is great for anyone wanting to read a speech off a tablet instead of using printed notes. Or for keeping any quotes, notes or additional information easy to hand whilst giving a speech or answering questions at an event.

Why is it good?

Adobe reader is a trusted program on our computers, so you know you can rely on the app to work, to display your files correctly and keep them organised. You can add notes or edit your documents with the app, helpful for if you have a idea just before your speech or want to annotate any documents you have whilst at the event. The iBooks app on your iPhone will also let you read PDFs but it does not allow you to add anything to them, making Adobe a great purchase for those of you who are looking to read and edit on the go!


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