What is Good User Interface Design?

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So just what is user interface design and why is it a golden path to website success?

User interface design may be seen as a customer focused approach which lends itself to ensuring that all that is done on a website is done with the customer in mind.  This may include helping website visitors to navigate through products and services without confusion or even ensuring that information is set out in a clear and concise way, reducing any unnecessary clutter which could potentially distract them from the end goal.

The end goal being the successful acquisition of products or services, which are holistic in satisfying customer needs. Every customer which enters your website is there on a quest and this mission should be made easier by carefully crafting the user experience using an architecture which is fashioned on predictable behaviour.

Take for example, the main navigation of a website.  This is a crucial element in aiding the user journey, as its placement, at the top of the webpage, suggests a certain level of importance.  Not only this, but one would assume a clear link between each subpage as they are grouped together, symbolising a meaningful relationship.  Its up to you, your marketing team, your information architect and designers to carefully decide on the best way to present information, reducing the amount of search and making it easier for your customers to come to a decision.  This is no easy feat as websites often carry a lot of useful information, which needs to be prioritised.

In saying this, everything should be considered, from colour symbolism to the legibility and language used in the copy.  If all these principles are adhered to, businesses stand a better chance at reducing the amount of unsatisfied customers (the unforgiving bounce rate) and encourage them to become more exploratory, potentially leading to a more engaging website.


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