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You know who they are.  They are the brands which dominant the market place, guarding their territory from new entrants with high levels of brand equity.   Everyone knows who they are and it was once said that the Mc Donald’s logo in particular was more recognisable than the Holy Cross in some Countries .   Having a strong sense of brand identity, these brands have become synonymous with the word icon, pushing the boundaries of  creativity and delivering a message to consumers World Wide.  They communicate their values effectively and connect with people on a subconscious level which proves invaluable – just look at the Pepsi Challenge.

When observing these big players, it’s easy to see how a rapacious instinct comes into play.  Many competing entities will do everything in their stride to try and out-fashion a successful brand, watching their every move and imitating their styles check that.  Faced with such challenges, most brands in this position would have no choice but to defend their positions with aggressive spouts of advertising and  market expansion.   This is true to the fact that many competing companies will offer similar features, cunningly trying to tempt customers with extra goodies and equally attractive promises.  In saying this, it is no surprise that big brands have adopted a predator-like behaviour, rapaciously hunting new opportunities and marking their territories with heavy branding activity.

The message here is that to be the best you need to get your name out there.  Its about creatively building brand awareness strategies which communicate your offer clearly.  Shout your brand loud and proud, as there are plenty of ways to advertise besides the television.  Success stems from the internal core outwards, so ensure your mission statement is the true definition of what your company stands for and don’t fail to deliver on that promise.  As long as you know your business, your market and your customers you have a good amount of ammunition to help you communicate your brand identity.    Thinking like a successful brand is not just about how much money you can invest in marketing activity, its also about believing in what you can achieve.


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