Essential Elements of an Effective Call-to-Action

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Developing effective call to action campaigns is difficult, to get you on the right track we have gathered a few tips that is essential when aiming to developing an effective call-to-action campaign.

  • Use Actionable Language

Using verbs like `discover, unearth, find` instead of ones like `be smarter`. You should be empowering your readers to click on your call to action by beginning sentences with rich verbs.

  • Include a clear value proposition

The call-to-action that you create is unique to your business. It is your offer, your services, your products that you are trying to promote. Users and your target audience do not perceive it like this. The moment they come in contact with your call-to-action, they wondering why they should download that very offer form you at this specific moment. Therefore, it is very important that you make it clear what benefits there is for them by click on your call-to-action very clear. This can be achieved by giving a small description of what happens when they click on it and the benefit of it.

  • Play up its time-sensitive

In the online world, people are very busy. With a lot of potential distractions, you want to capture the readers’ focus. Arguably, the best way of doing this, is to include an element of urgency and inform people that they need to do something right now. One way to achieve this is to add works like `now` or `today` to your Call-to-Action buttons.

  • Make it big

In essence, you need to make sure that your readers see the call –to-action button. People are very unlikely to click on a tiny button in the corner of your email or website. Because people are looking at emails and website in an F-Shaped pattern. Therefore, to make sure that people notice your call-to-action button, you have to have it large and in front of your website.

  • Create a highly contrasting design

You should make sure that the design of your call-to-action button stands out from the rest of the website or email. You should use design that is in line with your branding and tone of voice, but making sure that the button stands out and grabs the reader’s attention is key.


  • Make the button look clickable

Its simple, if you want your button to be click, you have to show that it can be clicked.


  • Placing your Call-To-Action prominently on your website.

Once you’ve finished the design of the call – to – action, you need to start putting it on your website. The key thing is that you want your Call – to – Action to be noticed. So put it where it can get notices.


  • Test and modify

Once you have it up and running, don’t stop! The chances are that you have plenty more opportunities to covert lead and customers through your call – to- action by modifying it, copying, sizing, placement and design, until you find the call-to-action that best fits your business and target audience.


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