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Our web applications have generated 1,200% ROI. Software can be the key that unlocks all kinds of knotty problems within an organisation. Our local Birmingham based software developers can help.

The trick is to start by understanding your processes – and where they’re weakest. At Squibble, we consult with you to get to know your needs, and from there our software developers work to create the right solution.

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Complex processes will be a thing of the past. You’re in good hands.

At Squibble, we bring to bear our design know-how to create beautiful, intuitive tools that are a delight to use. That usability makes them powerful – because staff and customers alike will want to install the software.

Once you have buy-in, software can connect customers with services, staff with systems, and businesses with both revenue and savings. It all depends what you need to achieve.

Whether you know what software you want, or need to explore what software can do for you, we’re here to chat – and to get cracking.

David Clark

“We’re so pleased with the design and development work Squibble have achieved. We were working to a tight deadline and the whole process ran smoothly. The platform we have now has been a great success and will allow us to expand into new markets in the future.”

— David Clark, Entrust

The Process

Step One

Discovery Session

The discovery session gives our team a chance to get to know you, your business, and anything else that might be useful in our aim to provide you with the best results possible. Modern websites, more than ever, need to be focused on the user – what they need and what their journey will be. In most cases, we’ll do wireframes for your  key pages in front of your very eyes in this session. Making sure the key elements of the user experience is well established and mapped out from the get-go.

Step Two


Where would a web designer be without a wireframe? Think of these as the blueprint to your entire site. They may not look swanky (yet) but they’re the foundations on which your site will flourish.

Establishing a stripped-back version of your site early on means that we can visually map out the site, giving us the opportunity to chop and change things around quickly without being too precious about how it looks. That comes in the next step.

Step Three

Design Phase

We have the skeleton – time for some looks and personality! The design phase is generally the most exciting phase for all parties, where you will really see your website come to life. Starting with key pages, we present our designs to you in stages so that you have the chance to request amendments in waves, rather than dribs and drabs. Once everybody is happy with the design, it’s time to turn it into a real, live, functioning website!

Step Four


Time for the nerdy bit. We take the website from a static idea to a functioning online platform. We take every step to make sure our websites are built with you and your users in mind. A beautiful website is one thing, but one that’s fast, secure, and easy to manage? That’s winning.

Step Five

Testing & Analysis

A good website should look great and perform well no matter what device it is viewed on. We test our sites on a range of devices from different manufacturers to ensure our sites are responsive and up to the task in every setting. This is just one of the processes we go through with every site to ensure quality.

Step Six

Go Live!

Once everything passes our rigorous tests we’re good to go! We get all your site files uploaded onto your hosting and unleash your website to the world (wide web). Our website packages come with optional training modules for those who want to take a more active engagement with site admin. We also offer website maintenance packages for those who’d rather let the experts handle it.

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What our clients say

Client ImageYiannis MaosTech networking mastermind and big B-Town advocate

‘Kim and the team at Squibble are absolutely incredible! They worked with us on Birmingham Tech Week and helped raise the profile of the brand and engagement across all digital channels. They’re an amazing team who are dedicated, professional and super creative…’

Client ImageTania VeignatMulti-lingual Family Skincare Mogul

‘I cannot recommend Squibble highly enough. If you are considering contacting Squibble, just do it. You won’t regret it. Working with Kim and James were wonderful. They are very creative and are very attentive to your needs. One can tell that they put their clients first, above anything else…’

Client ImageSimone RocheEquality champion & Royal Navy Badass

‘Squibble took our vision and not only delivered it, but helped improve it along the way. From the initial kick-off meeting through to the launch of the platform, Squibble were enthusiastic, insightful and available at every step of the way…’

Client ImageLuke CarthyE-Commernce aficionado & Afro hair care enthusiast

‘Squibble were patient, attentive and I felt they knew what I was looking for from the get go. We had a great discovery call where they got a feel for what I was looking for and my inspiration which was great. I was then able to trust and lean on their expertise and they delivered; creating a timeless and instantly recognisable brand for my project. I’d highly recommend the Squibble team!’