Developing a New Brand for Maine Independent Living


website mockup

Developing a New Brand for Maine Independent Living

Maine Independent Living approached us to develop an identity and website that would communicate their service offering of providing bespoke homes for vulnerable people.

We worked closely with Maine Independent Living on their brand, analysing and documenting the user journey with wireframes and website concepts before delivering the final website development.  This complimented the logo and brand styling we had created.

User experience design
Interface design
UX design
Brand identity
Responsive design


“Can’t recommend Squibble highly enough. We provided them with a difficult brief and a tight deadline and the website they designed was perfect for what we needed. Squibble work closely with their clients to understand their requirements and their team’s communication, speed of response and professionalism was first class. We WILL be using them again”

Roger Ahmed, Managing Director – Maine Independent Living Ltd.

wireframe for Maine Independent Living
Website concept for Maine Independent Living

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