Birmingham Tech Week

Strategic and effective marketing for a major collaborative event

Establishing the brand position to social media marketing and engagement

In July 2019, we were presented with an idea for a series of technology events due to take place across the City of Birmingham.

With 68 events over 40 locations — Birmingham Tech Week was a success in celebrating and showcasing the technological capabilities that call the region home.

We developed the brand positioning to ensure the message was clear and consistent across both printed and digital formats. Both marketing and design support was provided to the 68 companies involved and we also created printed and digital advertisements to spread awareness of the event.


Brand positioning
Promotional material
Motion graphics
Digital advertisements
Social media management

Duration 3 months

6 million footfall with
digital advertisements

A38 motorway received 2.5 million
engagements every 2 weeks

Over the duration of the event we managed the Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. This consisted of:  event promotions and designing engaging graphics that ensured an ongoing presence in potential event attendees. This successfully led to a number of events selling out and we also had the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport celebrate the event in a post from the UK Government of Departments.


13.6K Post impressions


67.2K Tweet impressions

We also developed and created a motion graphic video that was played across events.
It was also a feature at both the opening and closing parties which were sold out!

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