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What Is The Purpose of Rebranding?

What Is The Purpose of Rebranding?

The purpose of rebranding is in one sense easily expressed: it is to give the corporate image of a business – the public face a company uses to communicate with its customers – a facelift.  This might mean a new logo, a new set of colourways, or a fresh approach to graphic design. Whatever the precise changes it enacts, a rebranding shifts a company’s visual profile in ways that align with the wider aims of its strategic comms strategy. It is in that alignment where rebranding gets interesting, then – …

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The 3 Most Powerful KPIs To Help Your Business Grow

business growth

From conversations I’ve had with local business owners recently most have told me that they have had to revaluate their business goals and sales targets. For some COVID-19 has wiped their pipeline out and for others they’ve seen growth in new areas that they hadn’t considered before. Most of this growth is fuelled through online campaigns. A lot of small businesses that previously survived on networking alone with little to no web presence have seen a huge drop in sales. Whereas companies who already had a strong online presence, particularly …

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3 Ways To Build More Trust In a Digital World

Building Trust

In today’s market-place, trust is everything. As a nation though, according to the Express, almost one in five people don’t trust anyone at all! Yet the key to selling is trust. We all know and love the old cliche “people buy from people” and that’s all well and good when you’re at a sales meeting but there haven’t been many of those happening over the last few weeks. So how can you build trust in a digital world? First, we need to understand why we need trust. Why do we …

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3 New Years Resolutions You Should Consider

new years resolutions

Don’t groan, I know New Years resolutions are overrated but we’re moving even further into uncharted waters. I think it’s safe to say that 2021 will be another huge year of change for B2B and B2C e-commerce.  2020 saw some huge giants succumb to the pandemic and at the time of writing this I am deeply saddened by the further damage done to our economy with Arcadia filing for administration with the loss of up to 13,000 jobs. Topshop is one of the labels owned by Arcadia and whilst Covid …

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How Do I Choose A Brand Name? | Advice For Startups

Perhaps one of the most challenging decisions a new business will make is the name of the company. This will be a decision that will stay with you for years to come and changing it down the line can be costly in more ways than one.  Basic considerations when choosing a name for your company  Keep it short and sweet – Remember that people have short attention spans. The shorter your brand name, the easier it will be to remember Don’t box yourself in – Businesses grow and evolve over …

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3 Ways Your B2B Brand Can Power Through This Crisis

3 Ways Your B2B Brand Can Power Through This Crisis

Your brand is the key to your companies success, especially during these unprecedented times. It has, therefore, never been more important to lead with clear and concise messaging.  Whether you have a small or large team they and your customers need leadership. Your team and customers alike will be looking to you to help them navigate through this period. Jeff Bezos is widely quoted as saying, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. How do you want your company to be remembered …

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Top 3 Branding Mistakes That Most Tech-Led Companies Make

Top 3 Branding Mistakes.004

Watch the talk above, download the slides or read about it below 🙂 Hello and welcome. So let’s start and for many Branding is chronically misunderstood. From people thinking that branding can be “done” in an afternoon to companies just ignoring it altogether. It’s a key area that can make or break your tech business, especially in the long run. Branding doesn’t evolve by itself.  It’s a blueprint for how you want the world to see your business and blueprints are always planned and researched documents. So just for clarification …

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Does a new business need a website?

Is a website necessary for a business that is only just starting out? Before you begin to make sales and generate a large amount of business, is there any point in spending money on a website? Will anyone find your site? In this blog post, I hope to answer this question and explain why a website is one of your initial business musts! Can you start a business without a website? You can certainly build a business without a website; however, you would have to consider investing in more traditional …

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Are face to face meetings necessary?

Emails, phone calls, letters, social media… today there are so many ways of getting in touch with people that we can sometimes forget how important it is to meet face to face. It can sometimes be hard to meet all your clients and contacts in person in the business world, is it still worth trying? In this post, I will explain why it is always worth making the extra effort! What are the advantages of face to face meetings? Face to face communication is better than other forms of communication …

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What is WooCommerce & Who Should Use It?


Key discussion points: Where does WooCommerce sit in the ecommerce vendor market? What types of business does it suit & why? What are the pros and cons of the platform? Out the box, how good is the core performance? What do your developers like and dislike about Woo? Podcast Transcribe James Gurd [00:00:05] Hello and welcome to Episode 28 of the Replatform podcast. Thanks, as always for listening in. It’s myself, James. I’m joined, as always by co-host Paul Rogers. How’s it going tonight?  Paul Rogers [00:00:16] Yeah, good. Thank …

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