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Customer Touch Points

Customer touch points are different interactions that a customer has with a business and can indicate customer experience and customer satisfaction when interacting with your business. Read on to find out more about customer touch points and how they influence marketing strategies and customer service. What Are Customer Touch Points? …

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Branding Discovery Session

Digitally Delivering our Discovery Session

A big part of what we do, at the beginning of any web or branding project, is project discovery. We hold face to face session with key stakeholders to understand how the business operates and how they interact with customers. We do this to make sure we understand how the …

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e-commerce payments on websites

Security vs. convenience in the payment experience

What matters most to online shoppers? Accepting payments online has become a fact of life for many businesses. Visitors to many kinds of websites now often expect to be able to purchase goods and services direct from the web – and businesses must meet that need to retain their custom. …

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importance of user experience in web design

Why UX Is Important for Your Website

News flash for those not in the know: UX is not the latest Star Wars droid (who can improve on BB-8 anyway?). In web design, UX – or user experience – is all about usability. It provides a focus on function, not just form. How easy is your site to use? …

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