What is Digital Marketing?



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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, depending on how it used and what it is used for.  Marketing agencies, which specialise in offering digital marketing services often use terminology, which may seem alien to the average business owner but with a little determination and guidance, even you could one day share your own expertise.

Digital marketing, at its core is pretty straightforward, carrying on the same principles of traditional marketing.  The idea of selling ones products or services and communicating a well sought after message to a target consumer is at the heart of digital marketing.

The main difference here is how it’s all done. Motivated by changes in buying behavior, the need for convenience and the capabilities of technology means that digital marketing offers an up to date system for connecting with potential customers through the use online media channels.  This could mean email marketing, search engine optimization or even engaging with clients through social media channels.

The discipline of digital marketing is quite a broad one and it is often suggested to outsource work to allow focus on other initiatives.  However, as digital marketing grows, more and more information becomes available in the form of blogs and e-books which many companies are happy to share.  This information is invaluable and is essential to help grow your own understanding, giving you more control over the decision making process.

The point here is that it’s all happening online and in this versatile environment, technology and expertise remains king.  To succeed would mean a whole-hearted commitment to the digital marketing initiative and a well thought out strategy for achieving the results you deserve.

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