The Pleasures of Holistic Branding



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So just what are the pleasures of holistic branding?  Well from a customers’ perspective, holistic branding equates to brands, which are easily recognisable, consistent in their brand activities and brands which make no confusion about just what it is they stand for.  Holistic branding from a business perspective maintains the ‘espirit de corps’ of the organisation, making sure that an internal culture breathes the company vision on a daily basis.  However, this is not just exclusive to abstract brand characteristics but also the measurable aspects, which support the brand, such as customer service. 

Take an IT services company for example.  In order to get the best possible response from their customers, the IT services company should not only ensure that their software and hardware solutions are up to standard but their customer service should also be high quality. 

Although IT services, as the name suggests, is based on selling a service, it doesn’t mean that product-focused companies cannot learn from the same business philosophy.  More and more product-focused business models are expected to handle post-sale customer services as part of product warranty and so forth. 

The main theme here, is that the brand experience should be a connected one, which interlinks company values to communicate impulsive associations.  This can turn out to be highly rewarding as long as all aspects of business activity are considered and the final outcome makes sense to the target market.

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