Proud Sponsors of the Networking Awards 2014



Creative Director

I’m Kim a passionate marketer | Sharing growth insights for success | Proud founder of Squibble, empowering Midlands marketers to thrive by turning clunky websites into marketing joy | Let’s fuel your journey!


At the beginning of the year we were celebrating with a glass of champagne (or two) as Squibble Ltd received double honours. We were named Events/Promotions Business of the Year and received Highly Commended Business of the Year in the start up category. On the evening of the ceremony I pledged to sponsor our winning category the following year. Time has gone fast and the next Networking Awards 2014 are fast approaching. I am proud to say we are sponsoring the Promotions/Events Business of the year and have been excitedly planning for the ceremony. I’d like to take this opportunity to share the evening with you and if you haven’t done so already request you nominate an outstanding business you feel deserves this accolade.

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