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Three reoccurring words, which enter my mind when applying for new vacancy’s are ‘experience, experience and experience’, AAAAAARGH! 


Though I value the need for experience and realize that an overhaul of theoretical knowledge alone would not cut the mustard, so to speak, my question has always been how can we (as graduates) gain experience without someone not willing to take a chance with us?  The answer is simple.  Why not apply for an internship? And this is what I decided to do.  I figured out that in order to overcome the barriers, which were presented before me, I had to rethink my strategy with an internship in mind.  At the end of the day I knew that experience was one of the main deciding factors in recruitment, so an internship seemed like a ‘no-brainer’.  Although some graduates may see little value in internships, I believe that having a clear set of objectives will help you to gain the most out of your experience.

So far it has been a wonderful experience working for Squibble Ltd . As a technology, marketing and design enthusiast, I thought that working for a forward thinking company, which specialized in these areas, would have been the perfect way to go, especially as it was Birmingham based.  My current role is heavily focused on marketing strategy but will become more wide spread as time goes on.  I’m fond of Marketing and it was my choice Degree so this role provides a great opportunity to put theory into practice and see what works or what doesn’t (after all, this is what experience is all about).  I think that my overall goal is to help Kimberley-Jane Designs increase their brand awareness through a range of creative and well thought out promotional techniques. At the same time, I will be able to learn how marketing works from their perspective, an invaluable insight.

All in all, I am excited about my internship at Squibble Ltd and hope to leverage the opportunity to its full potential.

My name is Shemaiah Cox and it’s been an absolute pleasure writing for you.  Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to share my thoughts along the way, so keep your eyes peeled.  Oh, and while your at it, why not see what the other interns have had to say about Squibble Ltd.

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