Does Britain Embrace its Entrepreneurial Spirit? (Survey Results)

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So finally, ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited survey results are here.  We asked whether Britain was embracing its entrepreneurial spirit and results came back with a conclusive ‘yes’.  This was mainly attributed to an emergence of new opportunities and the ability to spread brand awareness through the likes of social media.  The survey was distributed to a sample group of small independent businesses who gracefully shared their insider secrets with us.  The results also determined that in order to help encourage this movement, more work would need to be done in terms of communicating channels for business mentoring and financial assistance.  However many of the respondents had managed to set up shop independent of any external help, solely relying on intuitiveness and social networking.  This goes to show that the entrepreneurial spirit still remains strong even without a substantial network of 3rd party resources.

View the survey results here

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