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Our MD, Kimberley Leary, was today named Executive Committee Board Member for Future Faces.

Her appointment will help to drive support for it’s young members and provide individuals with the skills required to develop their career. Future Faces gives our young work force the training and networking capabilities required to succeed in the city.

Kimberley is no stranger to the perils and struggles associated with business. She started her own company in 2010 and has successfully grown her award winning design agency, Squibble Ltd, to a global scale with clients in America, Australia and Abu Dhabi.

Kimberley said today “I understand the difficulties faced by our workforce who are starting out in their career. We are in a time of austerity and it’s important that we continue to offer them the support and guidance they need. We should be continuing to invest in their future as they are our decision makers of the future.”

Rachel Flanagan, Manager of Future Faces said “We are so pleased to have Kimberley join our Future Faces Executive Committee. Future Faces has gone from strength to strength since it’s launch in 2011 and we hope that with the support of Kimberley and the other newly elected members that we can continue to do so with their support.”


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