Is Email Marketing still important?

Emails are being overtaken by social media, right? Wrong. Most businesses still connect through emails.

Social media is great for marketing and targeting new customers, especially when trying to reach a new younger demographic. But email communication is still vital for businesses and can be a great way to capture the attention of potential new business clients.

Are you sure?

Emails are still the main source of communication between colleagues and businesses, so setting up an email campaign should grab their attention and show them you’re serious.

Programs like Mailchimp can give your email campaigns an exciting new look, informing the recipient about your business and showing them a glimpse of what you have on offer. They link straight to your website and can be linked to social media, pulling your email into the 21st century!

How does it work?

Mailchimp helps you seamlessly create, design and send email campaigns. You can style them how you wish, add in your own graphics and wording then send them off to your address book with their simple online system.

Was it successful?

Don’t just wait around to see who replies, with mailchimp you can see full reports of how many recipients opened your email, how many clicked on the links inside and if anyone forwarded it on to others.

How will this help me?

Just like social media, Mailchimp’s elegant email campaigns should help boost your website traffic by enticing more people to click on links to your site and read more about what you offer. This can lead to more sales and a wider knowledge of your services, what could be better!

Emails aren’t dull anymore, don’t give up on them just yet!

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