It’s been 4 years!

Party Cake4 years ago on May 14th 2010, our website went live!

Our website has changed quite a bit since the first edition we launched and I can tell you it’s been a busy 4 years! I’m sure your’s has too?!

Website designs have changed, styles have come in and out of fashion and techniques have improved since we began. In the past 4 years  more and more people have moved onto the web and as a result we have been creating more and more websites. We make sure every design is sleek, simple to use and specific to our customer. An elegant and effective website is key to improving your success and we make sure to deliver great designs to all our clients.

Have a look at our website designs over the last few years…

If you would like us to create a website for you then get in contact.

Alternatively, read our earlier posts on website design for businesses and website maintenance to learn more about the importance of a well designed website.

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