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Do you need your contact details on your website? Or is it simpler to have a contact form? Many websites (especially stores) have removed their contact details in favour of a contact form. Customers are asked to enter their message and trust in blind faith that somebody will respond after it has disappeared into the websphere, but where has it gone? how long will they take to respond? does the mailbox really exist?

You may have asked these questions yourself when using other websites….

By not including your contact details you are removing an element of trust between you and your customer. You are giving them a reason to avoid getting in touch.

Research shows around 1 in every 3 visitors to your website will refuse to enter their details into a contact form, preferring to send an email.


Ok we understand you want to reduce spam and we hear you when you say “a visitor will have to take the time to fill out their address and message, if they can’t be bothered they’re not right for us”… but by trying to reduce spam or the appearance of low quality leads you could be losing out on customers. Which is more important? We’d take customers any day of the week, at least if it’s a lead you can wow them with your product or service over the phone. A human point of contact is guaranteed to win you more sales anyway.

Remember: We all like to have a copy of any message we send, (just in case we forget what we said) a contact form does not allow this!

Read and reply!

In our opinion, the main problem with contact forms is that your customer will experience feelings of doubt. They are unsure if their time is being wasted by completing the form and generally won’t pursue contacting you any further. Instead they’ve clicked the back button and purchased something from your competitor.

Help us fight bad customer service and ditch those contact forms! Try it today and see how many more enquiries you receive….


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