Does a new business need a website?

When does a new business need a website?

Is a website necessary for a business that is only just starting out? Before you begin to make sales and generate a large amount of business is there any point in spending money on a website? Will anyone find your site? In this blog post I hope to answer this question and explain why a website is one of your initial business musts!

Here are the main reasons why you should set up a website straight away:

To establish a presence

Today over 80% of the UK are online. Therefore a website opens your business up to a much wider audience!

The more people you can tell about your business, the more potential you have to attract customers and make sales.

Most potential customers will search you out online before making a purchase. By giving them all the information they need in a simple, smart way they will be more inclined to buy from you.

Remember:  It is important your site is professional looking. A confusing, untidy or outdated site will turn countless people away. On the other hand a smart, sleek, simple website should automatically send a positive image out about your company and boost your business.

It is an easy way of advertising

Your website will present your services and products however you wish them to be presented. You can add images, descriptions, as much information as you wish.

Remember: With a well-designed site, your small business can project the image of a much larger company. You can compete with your market and no one will know how small or new you are as long as you work well and exert professionalism.

To boost your online presence

Once you have a presence online you are able to boost your customer base. You can send out email campaigns that link to your site, write blog posts and share them on social media best natural weight loss supplements. Your site becomes your central point, a focus for all your customers.

Idea: try writing blog posts about your company, new products, new employees… make the customer feel like they know you and they are more likely to feel safe with you and secure in the knowledge that you know your market and will deliver a professional service.


Merely creating yourself a website will not solve all of your problems and bring you unlimited business. Don’t ignore all other marketing methods!

You shouldn’t put all your effort into your website and forget other aspects of your new business. Although a website will help your company to grow and so should be set up as early on as possible!

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