What is SEO and do I need it?

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‘Google it’ is the answer to every question these days. A few clicks and you have you answer. But not many of us search through the pages and pages of results we are presented with, instead putting our faith in the top results and never looking much further than the first page.

So how can you make sure your website is one of those sacred few, certain (we hope) to be clicked on by curious searchers? By using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you can do just that!

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is literally the system by which you ‘optimise’ your website so it is easier for Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! to find your website, work out what you are offering and choose where to rank your site.

How do I optimise my website?

Here at Squibble Ltd we know all the tips and tricks needed to optimise your website. We will share these with you in a little more detail but here are the basics:

  • Add fresh content regularly
  • Include links
  • Use keywords
  • Use social media

Fresh Content

We all know your customers are king but lets not neglect the king of your website – your content. Google thrives on the update of fresh and relevant content, it gives you Google points and demonstrates your proactive within your marketing. By updating your content regularly you give search engine’s and those looking at your website more to look at and let them know you’re still there to serve them.


Have you heard of Google robots? They crawl your website and index or scan each of your webpages. These robots move around jumping from link to link. The more links you have internally the more pages you have (see fresh content). The more links you have externally (on other websites) the easier Google can find you.

Still not sure? Let us help you. External link building campaigns are strategically planned and implemented on relevant industry specific webpages. If you are a builder they make take the form of a ‘how to’ article placed on a DIY website. This article would contain links back to your website, as you are the expert and author of said article. You can easily make a start by signing up to industry specific databases like FreeIndex but we also recommend Google Places and Yell as good places to start.


Buzz words for your company used within your website and home page. They help search engines know what you are all about and where to rank you. The more keywords you include (without going crazy and overloading your site with the same words again and again) the more you signposts you provide search engine’s with.

Of course there are forensic approaches you can take to your keyword density but a rule of thumb is if it reads naturally to a human it will to a search engine, they’re clever things you know! Always remember to include your keywords in the titles of each page, within the text and in link data (or meta data).

Social Media

Using social media widens your audience and means more links to your website. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to start building those external links. It lets the world know what you’re up to and is most importantly another platform for your site to publicise what you’re offering. Google’s latest algorithm is certainly aware of social media’s importance and will score you with higher google points if it can see you’re active.

By taking these steps you can give your website a great boost, help search engines know what you’re on about and which searches to link your site to as well as publicise your site (always important, not only for SEO!).


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