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There are many different digital marketing trends out there, and it is easy to get them mixed up and a bit confused about which one best meets your needs. Fear not, we have gathered a few of the most important Digital Marketing trends in 2015. Use it as a checklist or a wish list in relation to your current online marketing strategy.

Mobile-First Marketing

In 2015 most brands will have to put more thought and efforts into developing mobile technology in order to create experiences that meets consumers’ needs. This means that marketers have to find a way to make media concise and digestible enough to resonate for consumers who are on the go and viewing it from a 3-inch screen. This means that the marketing campaigns that you are planning, you also need to consider how the message gets across when your target market are viewing form different platforms ie. TV, phone, pad, computer and social media.

Content Distribution

So you have won the battle between you and your competitors in creating outstanding and engaging content on your website. This does not mean that you can sit back and relax, because you still have to mange the challenge of distributing your readers with the most relevant content and informing them that where to access this information. One easy way to manage this is through the use of content distribution platforms.

Content distribution means an organic and paid (sometimes free depending on which upgrade you choose to go for) sharing via social networks. The tools most popular at the moment us the use of:

  • Hootsuite
  • Sendible
  • Oktopost

These tools are a very effective when wanting to centralise your social media and make the management process of your digital marketing on social media easier.

Marketing in Real-Time

Do you remember when Ellen DeGeneres posted the selfi from the Oscars and broke Twitter records? This moment made marketers realise that real time marketing works in a very effective way to engage with target market as well as create a fuss around their brand. Therefore, why not set up an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook aimed at posting key happenings in company. Be it at a conference, a joyful moment in the office or an event you attended. Keeping them updated and engaged, makes you come across as accessible, a real person and brand.

Visual Influence

We live in a visual culture – people are becoming more and more visual. We use social media on a daily basis filled with images that tells more than 1000 words each.

This way of “reading” messages has become a powerful tool to engage and interact with your target market. YouTube, Instagram, Pintrest, Facebook are all strong distributors of visual imagery, and this has opened new doors for brands to strengthening their brand ethos. Think about how you can combine this with the previous point, Marketing in Real – Time, and create a personalised engagement with your audience.

To make this successful for you, find out which social media platform is most used by your target market. Do they prefer to watch videos? Then YouTube might be your perfect online channel, but if they rather prefer to view images you have plenty of choices in social media from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest.


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