Getting stakeholder buy-in for your marketing initiatives

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Having the support of your stakeholders when it comes to marketing is so important. Without their support, even the most well-planned, on-brand & innovative marketing initiatives can fall short.

And we know, more than most, getting stakeholder buy-in on top of doing all the marketing as a one-person team can feel daunting. But it doesn’t have to.

Getting stakeholder buy-in from day one allows you to build upon that trust & support.

That’s why, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to gain that essential buy-in early on.

1. Understand your stakeholders

Before you can secure buy-in, you need to understand who your stakeholders are & what they care actually about. 

Stakeholders can include C-Suite & senior management, sales teams, customer service departments and external partners. Each of these groups will have different priorities & concerns with marketing. 

Executives & senior management may want a key focus on ROI & strategy, while the sales teams will likely be more interested in how marketing is going to generate quality leads, consistently.

💫 Action point for marketing success: Map out all the stakeholders you need buy-in from so you can understand their influence as well as the potential impact they’ll have on your marketing initiatives. 

2. Align your marketing goals with the business objectives

Stakeholders are more likely to support marketing priorities which are aligned with broader business objectives. 

Show them how your marketing strategy & campaign plans will help achieve the brand’s strategic goals, whether that’s increasing market share, entering new markets or driving revenue growth.

By keeping things aligned, you may open yourself up to increased budgets for marketing too. Especially if the results are coming in too!

💫 Action point for marketing success: Translate your marketing metrics into business terms. For example, explain how a higher engagement rate can lead to more qualified leads, which ultimately boosts sales.

3. Communicate clearly, consistently & effectively

Effective communication is key to securing stakeholder buy-in, after all, they want to see the results you’re getting. 

Use clear, concise language & avoid jargon. And remember to think about the stakeholders you’re speaking to so you can tailor your message to them, focusing on what matters most to them. Whether it’s leads, strategy etc.

💫 Action point for marketing success: Decide how best to share this information. They’re busy people so we’d recommend pulling together a weekly email with key benefits of your marketing priorities, supported by data & insights. 

4. Demonstrate ROI & highlight value

Stakeholders want to know if the marketing budget you have is going yield positive results. No matter how big or small. Provide evidence of current & potential ROI by sharing past successes, industry benchmarks & forecasts.

And don’t forget to shout about quick wins, they can build momentum & demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. Identify & implement smaller projects that can deliver immediate results while working towards larger goals.

💫 Action point for marketing success: For any new campaigns, develop a robust business case that includes projected costs, benefits & a timeline for expected returns. Use data & analytics to back up your claims. And highlight early successes with stakeholders, use these quick wins to build confidence & demonstrate the value of marketing.

5. Engage stakeholders early & often

Involve stakeholders early in the planning process to foster a sense of ownership & collaboration. You want to work with them rather than against them. Regular updates & feedback loops can help maintain their support & address any emerging concerns.

Remember, different departments have different skill sets you can pull upon too. So working collaboratively will only be beneficial to the overall marketing. 

💫 Action point for marketing success: Schedule regular check-ins & updates with stakeholders to keep them informed of progress & involve them in key decisions. Use these opportunities to gather feedback & make necessary adjustments.

6. Build relationships & trust

Strong relationships are built on trust & mutual respect. Invest time in building relationships with key stakeholders. Understand their challenges, offer solutions & be transparent about uncertainties. 

The more your stakeholders trust you, the more they’ll let you run with the marketing initiatives in the future. Make sure they feel involved in the decision-making.

💫 Action point for marketing success: Foster a collaborative environment where stakeholders feel their input is valued. Celebrate joint successes & acknowledge contributions from different teams.

7. Be flexible

Flexibility is crucial in gaining & maintaining stakeholder buy-in. 

Be prepared to adjust your plans based on feedback & changing circumstances within the business & market. Show you’re responsive to stakeholder feedback & willing to pivot when necessary.

But remember, you’re the marketing expert so if you’ve chosen to do something a particular way for a particular reason, speak up & share your reasonings. Even better if you have some data to back this up.

💫 Action point for marketing success: Create a feedback loop where stakeholders can easily provide input. Regularly review &, if needed, adjust your plans to ensure they remain aligned with stakeholder expectations & business goals.

By engaging stakeholders early & building strong relationships, you’ll create a collaborative environment supporting the success of your marketing initiatives. 

Remember, flexibility & openness are key to maintaining stakeholder support in the long term.


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