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Ever wondered how you can make your product, company or internal newsletter more effective? Read this article, and we will provide you with a few good, and necessary tools to make your brochure stand out and get a high customer respond.

You need to understand your customers

First of all, like any other marketing activity you do, you need to spend time making sure you fully understand your customer. What are they looking for in a brochure? Why would they read it and how will they read it (online, hard copy, email, pdf, on your website)? Talk to customers, and use their answers to guide you in developing your brochure.


AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. In essence, to be successful, your brochure needs to get attention, it needs to capture the reader so that they want to continue reading the whole brochure. Additionally, it also needs to raise awareness and desire in relation to your product and service. And last but not least, it needs to have a call to action, either be it call you to make an appointment or request a sample.

letting agents flyer designPeople don’t care about the office building!

Reality is that your ideal customers are not very interested in your company or product, but rather they are interested in themselves and their own business. As a result, you need to make it very clear how your offerings can help their business. And therefore, a picture of your office building on the front page is not going to get their attention, sorry not sorry. The key message here is that you need to get the message across about your services and what you are offering the reader.

Headlines and graphics

It takes the average reader 3 seconds to glance on the cover and decide whether or not to read it. To get their attention, it is important that your headline and graphics on the cover are exciting, interactive and relate to the readers need.

This also relates to how you present headlines inside your brochure. Use these headlines to grab the readers attention and to guide them through your brochure.

Say what you want them to do

After you have got the readers attention, you need to move on to the next step – tell them what they need to do to acquire your products or services. Never assume that they will look for your phone number or website, provide them with it. This way you prevent them from going to one of your competitors.

Give them a reason to act now!

So you’ve got the attention, you’ve built and interest and desire, but if you do not give them a reason to act right now, all your efforts will be wasted. Some of the most common offers that gets the reader to at now are special discounts that are only valid before a specific date, a free gift for purchasing before specific date. Or you can always remind them to buy now because the quantities are limited or because the prices will increase.

Make it easy to respond

As said earlier, make sure your business name, phone number and website url are easily found in the brochure. In addition, you add your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts for them to link. This enables them to stay updated on your company, as well as you can remind them of any new offers at a later time.

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