From first time blog visitor to firm fan – Seven tips

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Let’s face it, driving traffic to your blog can be challenging, demanding much time, effort and, if you invest in PPC, money. Once your visitors have arrived, you’ll want to make the most out of every first-time reader and (ideally) ensure that they come back for more. Here are seven tips to ensure you achieve exactly that.

1. First things first – Ensure that your content is captivating from the first word to the last

If you’ve managed to drive someone to your blog then the chances are that you’ve piqued their interest with the title of your latest blog article. The challenge now is to keep them reading to the end. Critical to achieving this is to serve up fresh information in every paragraph, and focus on short, snappy copy that’s crystal clear throughout.

A few further tips for optimal readability include: using headlines to break your content up; using images wherever possible; using a good font and line size and including real-life examples that back up any advice and guidance you give.

2. Include a subscription widget in your side bar

If your content is on point, then many readers will be only too happy to sign up for regular updates as and when you next have something new to say. Make this easy for them and include a subscription widget in your sidebar for capturing those all-important email addresses.

3. Create an irresistible content offer

Creating an eBook guide that taps into your target reader’s psyche is a sure fire way of gaining their email address (which you can then use for regular blog updates and email marketing). If you’re unsure as to what your eBook should be based on, consider which of your blogs have scored the highest hits and fostered good engagement.

4. Encourage your visitors to stay just that little bit longer

The longer your visitor stays, the more invested in you they become (and the longer you have to impress them). Bulk up your average visitor duration time by linking to other relevant posts, either in the side bar (ideally) or at the bottom of the post.

5. Engage with your readers

Engage with your readers by speaking directly to them – discuss the common problems they face, write in a tone of voice that they, themselves, would use and always adopt a first person narrative (i.e. ‘I’ and ‘you’). You should also close every blog with at least one thought provoking question and always engage with those who leave their thoughts (this includes underneath your social posts).

One-to-one communication is critical to going beyond being seen as an expert company that just happens to have a good blog, to instead building relationships with your target market.

6. Transform readers into a Fans or Followers

Your social media links should always be visible, no matter where your readers are – whether at the top of your blog, or right in the middle of your article. That’s one thing however, getting them to actually click any of those icons is another matter entirely. You need to provide them with a concrete reason to do so. One of which is, of course, more of the same invaluable content, however beyond this, the lure of exclusive ‘fan and follower only’ offers can seal the deal – this can include discounts, invites to webinars or a free eBook.

7. Split your content into a series

Rather than focusing solely on single, standalone blog pieces, take the time to craft a series of posts that interlink, broken down into various parts. Be sure to finish each one with a compelling overview of what next week is going to cover (and encourage them to subscribe, so they don’t miss out on what promises to be essential know-how).

Blogging is just about the most invaluable tool you have in your marketing arsenal, make the most of it by always looking out for ways to increase reader loyalty and engagement.

From first time blog visitor to firm fan – Seven tips


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