We don’t hold back in pushing you forward.

The story behind our award-winning designs.

Scribble, misunderstood.

Believe it or not, our love of doodling, designing and drawing was the driving force behind our brand name. One simple mispronunciation later and Squibble was born.

In fact, experimenting, tinkering and exploring new ideas pretty much characterises how we work. And when we have that lightbulb moment, we’ll always share our latest learnings with you.

Suckers for a story

Our obsession with questions means we really get to know our clients. Digging deep with our killer questions helps us understand why your website has come to a standstill or why your designs feel a bit flat.  

We get under the skin of your business, your aspirations and your customers, to create a brand experience that moves your audience. And we put your story at the heart of our designs, to highlight the soul of your business. Because the best stories stay with us forever.

Designs on being different

Design will always come first for us. We pride ourselves on being design-led because we believe in the power of design to move people to action. To impact. To create momentum. Effective design affects how a customer experiences your brand and sets the wheels in motion for bigger and better things. 

We love collaborating with brand-obsessed companies like you, because we thrive on creating designs to delight your customers. We adore the design process and when we learn something new, we’ll share it with you (along with our irrepressible excitement!) We pride ourselves on being different because we want you to stand out.

The Team



Meet Kim. Chief Energy Officer and queen of the killer question. Always pushing forward, Kim loves sharing ideas in her Mentor role on the Natwest Accelerator programme.

When she’s not dazzling with design, she’s busy winning businesswoman of the year and championing Birmingham brands as the Chair of Downtown in Business.

And ever the creative, Kim also manages to find time for her technology passion, helping to shine a spotlight on tech companies as Chair of the Board for Birmingham Tech.



Meet James. Design nerd, storyteller and “Yes, we can” man.

When he’s not designing brilliant brands and “we didn’t think that was possible” websites, you’ll find James reading, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or recording music in his loft that nobody ever hears.



Meet Karl. Developer, code nerd and expert in the dark art of web design acronyms (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, NoSQL and JQuery).

As a keen snowboarder, when he’s not knee-deep in code, he’s happiest submerged in the snow!

Pop in for a ☕️?


The Squibble Spirit

Be Credible

We’ll be honest; we might not always tell you what you want to hear. But we do deliver design that gets you heard.

Be Creative

Creativity is just another word for problem solving. Our problem is, we just love to solve. Which means we always find a way.

Be Curious

Yes. We are those annoying people who ask lots of difficult questions. But what we do with the answers is pretty exciting.

Be Consistent

Think of us as your personal brand police. Here to attend to the details and make sure nothing is out of place.