4 Signs That You Need to Update Your Logo Design

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We see a lot of clients who have issues with their logo. Sometimes they know it needs a redesign; sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they know what needs changing about it; sometimes they’re not so sure.

Many brands undertake logo redesigns more often than might at first be apparent: the best redesigns quickly come to feel as if they have always been in place. Keeping your logo fresh is a critical part of ensuring a brand maintains its power to speak to its audience – so understanding when to make some changes is really important.

Getting any logo right is a tricky task. Achieving the clarity that powers the best company ident is, in contrast, pretty complicated. Knowing when and how to start a logo redesign is the first step to success.

So here’s a logo redesign checklist. Want to know if a logo needs a refresh? Consider these four factors.

1. Has it been a while?

All things evolve. Perhaps a company has altered its offering; maybe design trends have moved on. Either way, if it’s been some time since a logo has been looked at, then it’s probably time it got a once-over.

For example, in the 1990s, serif typefaces were all the rage. Now, sans serif fonts rule the waves. A company’s customers have their expectations influenced by trends in the wider culture; great logos shift incrementally as the times change.

2. Does the logo have an instant impact?

The perfect logo speaks powerfully of a brand’s strengths and values. It embodies in pictorial form the fundamentals that make a business what it is. Anyone who sees it should have an immediate – and positive – connection with it.

Giving any logo a good once-over is about being honest on this front: does the logo really represent the business? Will a customer or lead really understand and connect with it as soon as they lay eyes on it? If the answer is no, it’s time to rethink.

3. Does it conform to the brand’s guidelines?

Like trends and expectations, brand guidelines shift over time. New websites or divisions, new products or messaging often shift or alter the way a brand sees or expresses itself. Logos need to shift with them.

Inspect a logo closely to ensure that it agrees with how the business it represents communicates elsewhere. If the brand tone of voice is informal, the logo should follow suit; if more corporate, then the logo may need to smarten up. Consistency is key.

4. It’s too fussy.

A logo is important, but it can’t do everything. Today, the best logos are also the simplest. Since online applications are now such a prominent purpose of every logo, keeping things clean and straight-forward usually proves the wisest approach.

From apps to mobile websites, concise logos look best. Older idents, however, are often a little more cluttered than that. If a logo could stand some streamlining, then, it’s time it got a refresh.

In other words, logos should be continually reviewed. Constant change will undermine brand recognition … but periodic updates will improve and enhance impact and reach.


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